Biker Down: Adelaide Perr

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No one comes to Drunkcyclist for a downer of a post, but this very well might be one. So if you’re looking for a dick joke fest, do me a favor:

1) Click this LINK and donate.

2) Be on your merry way.

For the rest of you who want to know why you’re donating and to whom, I’ll tell you a quick story.

Remember ADELAIDE? She is rad, and she’s a friend of Drunkcyclist. More importantly, she’s a friend of mine. Adelaide’s desk at work is five feet from mine. She’s quirky in all the best ways, she’s as friendly as they come, and she’s a hard worker both on and off the bike.

Adelaide was not at her desk this past Monday, nor will she be there for a good long while. nike air max womens
About a week ago, Adelaide was out on her road bike training for a race. She was headed north on US36 near Boulder when a car pulled out in front of her at an intersection and stopped. Since US36 is downhill in that direction, Adelaide was flying. She couldn’t stop in time and crashed into the car.

Since then, she’s been in the hospital undergoing grueling surgeries. Her face was essentially ripped off. I could tell you more, but really, you should just read her boyfriend’s blog. I warn you: this post will break you in half. 

If you don’t donate, at the very least, leave Kennett an encouraging message. He and Adelaide’s family are going through hell right now and kind words help.

This is my nightmare. Kennett and Adelaide are living it. We all know the risks and we all know we might be next, but it’s never real until it happens to someone you love. My boss said it best the other day: “My nightmare is that my wife or my kids will end up dead or in the hospital because of a lifestyle or hobby I introduced them to and the other won’t be able to find the best work from home jobs to sustain themselves.” Yeah. I get that, loud and clear. It’s bad enough to be the guy squished on the front of a windshield; it’s worse to watch someone you love going through it. nike air max tailwind
It’s bullshit that anyone in this country should actually need a fund to help them pay for medical bills, especially if that person has insurance, but the reality is, Adelaide’s bills will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We need to help her because we are all cyclists and we stick together. We take care of our own. And Adelaide is a cyclist. More importantly, she’s part of the DC family and the DC family takes care of their own.

Please DONATE. Please help. 

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20 Replies to “Biker Down: Adelaide Perr”

  1. Done. Good on ya DC, and keep us posted. The cycling community does help it’s own.

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  3. Kennett/Adelaide,
    so sorry for both of you. It was sad to read the blog from Kennett and what he went through.
    Adelaide I will send bit to the fund list. best to you for a successful recovery!

  4. Riding with you both half a world away. Hoping for a speedy recovery.
    Keep being strong for her Kennett and let others be strong for you.
    A.N. Other cyclist

  5. To All,

    I am Adelaide’s Dad and what to thank everyone for your support during this difficult period.


  6. Happy to help. Be sure to take care of yourself and Kennett. You are just as injured, just in different ways.

  7. The same scenario happened to me in April but I was lucky enough to have a different body part land on the concrete and take most of the blow. Thanks for posting this DC. Donating now.

  8. A distinct pleasure to hit the donate button and watch the total pass a mid-thousand barrier. I’m hoping it blows by many more. Thanks for posting this. I’ve never met your friends, but they ride, so I already know them.

  9. Holy cow, I know Adelaide! We were at the coast guard academy together. Best wishes for her recovery

  10. I can only echo what all have said.
    Prayers for a speedy recovery.
    The “Donate” button was easy to press.

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