Throwing another one back

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It’s Thursday, or as I like to call it “Little Friday”. That red kite above your head with 1 day left to go before the weekend party. Also, as D2 mentioned a couple months ago, the kids these days are calling it Throwback Thursday.

I really enjoy seeing all of my friend’s old riding pics from before we met. Full of 80’s and 90’s horrible style. Toe straps, neon and Briko sunglasses abound. Man, they are good for some laughs.

Our old friend Vlad recently posted a sweet pic of the original DC crew from way back in 2001. This is a couple years before I met everyone and I think it is pretty fucking rad. nike free 5.0 grey

Team – From left to right: Snakehawk, Beef, Vlade, Big Jonny and JW

According to Vlade, the initial sponsorship was a 3-pack of wife beaters, a sharpie marker and a 6-pack of Pabst. Sponsorship budget was $10.
Wifebeaters and singlespeeds. Not a whole lot has changed.
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7 Replies to “Throwing another one back”

  1. Woops, wait the fuck a second here. I see four guys in wife beaters. Who brung his own?? #TMZSPORTS #VELONEWS