Top 10 Reasons my Bike is Better than a Boyfriend

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We’re fortunate to kinda know Debbie and Michelle, the brains behind YoGoGirls. You should follow them. Seriously, you should follow them: nike free running shoes
These lovely ladies sent a top 10 list of why the bike is better than the boyfriend. Enjoy.

10. My bike is always willing to go with me.
9. My bike doesn’t have any crazy exes.
8. My bike isn’t afraid of commitment.
7. My bike doesn’t snore.

yogogirls_debby_naked6. My bike likes lube.
5. My bike works best with me on top.

DEBBY_MILF4. My bike just rolls with me. Never trying to get me to change my mind.
3. My bike takes me on adventures where I experience the world like never before.
2. My bike goes to get a tune up (physical) annually.
And the #1 reason my bike is better than a boyfriend:  My bike will always pose with me for a selfie!

DEBBY_MILF_2 new balance 811
Totally thought one of the reasons was going to be because her bike is stiffer than her boyfriend…Anyways, great list ladies!

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17 Replies to “Top 10 Reasons my Bike is Better than a Boyfriend”

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  3. @Kurisu. She’s probably a better mountain biker then you as she never has to take her feet off the pedals. Not everybody gets off to walk ;)

  4. No mountain biker on the planet DOESN’T HAVE BRUISES ON THEIR LEGS. They could have at least painted some on for authenticity. I’ve got long, damn sexy, muscular cyclist legs and just got back from northstar – laceration on my shin and a hematoma on my quad. If you’re not crashing, you’re NOT RIDING A MOUNTAIN BIKE!!

  5. uh, yeah. this article is for me and my like – female cyclists – but none of these pictures really make me want to read the article all the way through. would have been better served by pics of real female cyclists shredding on dirt or sprinting towards the line. end of rant.

  6. Lighten up haters. It is just a top 10 list.. It’s funny and she’s beautiful. Scrutinize something else, like your own grammar.

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  8. @Doug. Spelled you own name wrong – you typed a ‘g’ instead of ‘che’ ;-)
    She must be a freakin’ awesome rider (and clearly much better than me because I suck based on my ‘attempt at humour’ question above) to ride without clipping the road cleats into mtb pedals and not even have to get off to walk. :-D

  9. …that’s all fine & dandy & a lotta fun but to be blunt – bikes can’t go down on you…

    …i’d delight in it…

    …just sayin’…

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