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56 Replies to “Whoa, who peed in your Cheerios?”

  1. Clearly he is angry and jealous because he skipped leg day, for the last forever! Hook this dude up with a track bike and a velodrome and he could work on those chicken legs.

  2. Bikers showed a lot of patience. Guy would’ve been knocked out as soon as he jumped in my face.

  3. well this time i think the driver is right… this cyclist acted like an asshole from what the guy said

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  5. Sounds like this is from my old neck of the woods: The Cleveland Metroparks are a phenomenal asset to that area and were my initial cycling proving grounds. MTB trail building is going at a good rate thanks to CAMBA!

    This group of riders showed more patience, in this video, than my teenage self would have, and I pity that Macho Bro for the stroke he looks like he’s going to suffer. This is not an accurate caricature, in any way, of a normal day in this beautiful park system. Since leaving, I can say that the traffic is kinder and more cycling aware in my old stomping grounds than in my youth. Hard to be patient with a tough guy that has an axe to grind and a captive audience… LP# (OP 4982) Ohio? Kill him with kindness. ;)

  6. I have been an avid cyclist for years and hold a UCI pro license. One thing I am noticing more and more are the new breed of recreational cyclists have no sense of etiquette, but a huge sense of entitlement. I just has a run in with a guy on a cross bike. Wearing his team kit and all. We come to a red light he hops out of the bike path and goes right into the middle of the right turn lane. I blip my horn. Guy turns around with this F you look on his face. Light turns green and he just sits there. I lay on the horn! He just turns around and smiles.

  7. Simon, did you see what happened? No. None of us did, so don’t rush to judgement, brochacho…

  8. guy is a dick but put up or shut up…. someone gonna take him down? jump? if not then pedal away… TCOPE maximous….

  9. 4 wheels good, 2 wheels better…this guy needs to get out of the car and take to his bike – it will help with his blood pressure and anger problems!

  10. Looks like roid rage to me. And he’s “on his way to church”. What a nut job. Anger management should be suggested to him.

  11. If I’m sitting there trying to decide what happened five minutes before this video started to roll and I have to decide which side has more credibility; then based on the video, this is an easy, easy, easy case who gets an extra day at county expense to cool off.

  12. That was awesome. Those cyclists are lucky Brochacho didn’t put their heads between his pecs and squeeze out their brains.

  13. Look out!!! All the internet tough guys comin out of the woodwork!! You chumps have probably never thrown a punch in your lives. Roadies always wanna be treated like vehicles until they actually break the laws that apply to them. Go Gymtanlaundry! Long live Jersey Shore!! #yourfat #moveoversally #wearevehiclestoo

  14. Bicyclist was being passive aggressive (never tell an angry person to calm down, it’s a person’s right to flair up). Car operator was a total douche. He didn’t have to go into yell mode. I’d like to have seen the incident to give more opinion.

  15. Also notice as this all unfolds the guy on the TT bike has his entire bike in the road… still! I have a feeling these clueless idiots bushed the limits of cycling safety.

  16. Well…I have both cycled and driven a car for over 25 years and I feel like everyone was at fault. I’m almost sure the bikes were riding in the middle of the road because that’s what most do when they ride in groups. By the same token I’m sure the driver was upset, beeping his horn and starting a problem. The bikers probably held the lane just for spite.
    We used to ride in a single file line, one after the other, and stay on the white line whenever possible. The driver had some valid points before he mistakenly lost his cool. I’m sure the bikes were impeding traffic especially if there were multiple cars trying to get around them. The bikes should move over especially if it is a double-lane road or the speed limit is over 35. Just my 2 cents.

  17. These cyclists look like the kind of people I despise riding alongside – move the f over when someone says car back. We don’t own the road.

  18. I didn’t watch the video. I could give two fucks because I am still high on my ride and beer. Maybe tomorrow…

  19. Misters Christian & Jeff +1.

    If there are cars back, single the fuck up. Represent, m’kay?

  20. Umm… There’s a bike path right next to the road… Why weren’t they on that? And never touch a car, bad form. I think he probably has a right to be mad. And I bet he buzzed ’em pretty good too as a result. His anger issues are completely out of control. If tempers are that high, usually there is no innocent party. Seems to me both are at fault.

  21. Fact is, cyclists DO own the road, same as motorists. Motorists like Tanner Douche here don’t seem to realize this, and neither do some “pro cyclists” who have been posting on threads for this video on several other websites.
    I too was a pro cyclist back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, and learned a long time ago to first, share the road with motorized traffic. And second, don’t feed trolls like this guy. Just let them go on their way. You can’t teach them anything, they are too caught up in being right. You can’t win anything in a confrontation with them, either. All these guys have accomplished is fed the growing anti-cyclist sentiment that seems to be sweeping the nation.
    My guess (because I have seen this so many times) is that Tanner Douche honked at the cyclists who then made some gesture or yelled something back him, and next thing, everyone is on the side of the road having a pissing match. One thing, though. Anybody who gets in my face like this guy does is asking for a lesson in manners.

  22. WOW!
    I don’t think a bag of dicks would suffice…mixed it with nails and tinny fish hooks for increased flavor!

  23. The guy kept talking about how all vehicles have the courtesy to move to the right.. Well, try a bus moving to the right on a two lane road.. NO WAY.. there is only one lane idiot and, whether it is a bike or a slow moving but there is not enough room to share the same lane side by side. Sharing the road does not mean sharing the lane. A cyclist has the right to use the full lane and needs it for their own safety.. whether they move to the right of it or stay in the middle you can’t pass. If a car is coming in the opposite direction as you try to pass who is going to get killed, the cyclist of course. So, no a cyclist should not move over for you.. You should wait till it’s safe and then fully change lanes to pass

  24. Really sounds like they were riding 2 abreast and refused to go single file. Now roid rage boy should have calmed the fuck down, but then again the cyclist should never touch the car. Sorry but only seeing the partial show and not seeing the beginning or the other witnesses that said the cyclist were at fault really has me wondering how innocent these cyclist were. Sorry but I don’t think these cyclists were as innocent as they play to be in front of the camera.

  25. Dude called me Lance Armstrong? Somebody hold my bike. Seriously, dude wouldn’t be so upset if one of them had just yelled STRAVA!

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  27. From what I’ve read you don’t have to “move over” for cars. They have to pass you safely, and there’s no way to do that with you and the car in the same lane. I notice a lot of times when I ride it seems safer to take more of the lane to keep the cars from squeezing you.

    Also, if I wasn’t such and old skinny wimp I would have punched him, but given I am, I would have just road off.

  28. They are all assholes.
    The guy in yellow and blue had ear buds most likely didn’t even hear the car.
    We have all been there, horn beep, move right, finger up, and sometimes you will be held to task.
    I love bikes ,I hate those bikers and that driver.
    I am sure if the video was started earlier we would all see them holding on to the car. Choice time to start the video.

  29. The cyclists were clearly wrong here, they didn’t move over, then they grabbed the guys car and called him names with his wife there. If be pissed too, if after multiple attempts of trying to get around a biker they didn’t follow the law and move over and then have the nerve to call me an a!?&$@.

  30. @MIke.
    They’re lucky it was Mr.Douche Topheavy and not Mr. Tony Stewart that they rankled.

    I almost blew my sandwich out my nose. Awesome!

  31. I love the meathead. The flippant attitude of the own-the-road-bikers is typically the problem. I have no doubt at least 2 of the bikers did get in the guy’s face at the light. Bikers need to truly share the road. I have guys in my neighborhood that ride 2 lane roads at rush hour in packs of 50. There is no passing and they are out of shape 50 year olds that crawl on their once a week rides.

  32. What have we learned today, kids? 1) A little consideration on both sides goes a long way. 2) A little consideration is a very, very easy thing to implement. 3) Drivers hate road cyclist stereotypes. Friends don’t let friends reinforce same.

  33. I didn’t get to see it before the video was pulled down! Any copies of the video floating around out there?