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47 Replies to “Weintraub Converted?”

  1. My guess is that her shyster attorney scripted and shot that pap in an effort to deflect justice.

    I think the important thing to realize (and it is mentioned in Ms. Back-pedaler’s video) is that the vast majority of drivers and cyclists get along fine. It’s easy to allow a handful of dicks to steer the conversation. It’s important to call a dick a dick when you see them. Personally, dicks on bicycles bother me more than dicks in cars. Rubber side down, brothers and sisters. See you out there.

    PS— Hurricane Ridge was a TOTAL BLAST. The road grade is consistent, the surface butter-smooth, and the meadows up there are swathed in wildflowers and frolicking critters. For me (old dude), it was 2h 30m up and 45m down, 19 miles and 5000′ vert each way. Let’s get a posse together for next year!!

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  3. Shut.Your.Pie.Hole.
    She looks like she is trying not to laugh the entire time.
    Stupid —- just trying to save face.

  4. Comments are disabled…hahahahahhaha. She learned her lesson. Love how she picked the two old/fat dudes to take her for a “ride.” The honk at 1:55 sums it all up!

  5. What a pathetic attempt at an apology… obviously wasn’t her first take at that speech. I don’t for a second believe she’s changed her thoughts on cyclists using the roadways. Somebody hatefvck her, please.

  6. Whatever her motivations the video is a good result. She’s already lost her job by the sounds of it over the video, I’d give her the benefit of the doubt. Nice work DC.

  7. Cyclists here should realize the problem is not one-sided. Cyclists take unnecessary risks and break laws, lose their tempers, and cause problems in traffic all the time. Why be so hostile towards her? This is a huge victory, and all of you attack her?

    Regardless of her motives (which all you can do is speculate anyways…), when you attack a motorist taking the time and effort to do a video like this, to put her life in the shoes a roadie… you make it less likely for more people to ‘convert.’

    We should welcome this and praise her for producing this video. This is the positive change we should advocate for…not belittle by threatening and sexually harassing her.

  8. Wow. She seems sooo sincere. But I can’t tell whether that is just too much botox, or if she is just a heartless b!#(#. At least she sort of tried I guess.

  9. Scripted as hell, but eh, at least she did give it a shot….check back with her in a month to see if she forgot. But for now, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

  10. Benefit of the doubt for now, but my personal opinion is that this is a scripted stunt made in an attempt to save face .

  11. Hmpf.
    I bitch and complain when my overlords in the corporate hierarchy do stupid shit, make stupid decisions. Then I write my app for a promotion, throw up in my mouth and submit it anyway. Basic survival motives is my thinking. Very few of us (me included) have a change of heart that drastic, that quick.

  12. DC nice job. She might be saving face or truly sincere but it is a step in the right direction. Thanks again DC. Let’s slow down the hate posts to folks we need to go the right direction too or we might as well live in the Middle East.

  13. We cyclists dicks start killing motorist dicks with their bikes I’ll consider them equal. She did the right thing. I just wish it was even remotely sincere.

  14. Scripted as all hell but at least she was actually out there riding with traffic. One of the streets she was on didn’t have a shoulder. The Chevy almost clipped her riding partner but it would’ve been better if she was in that spot to see what it feels like to be cut off like that.

    Did she really get “fired?” She was a volunteer and I saw a mention of being put on “leave.”

  15. Obviously scripted…sounds like something a pr specialist would write. I just have a hard time believing someone’s sincerity when they aren’t able to express real emotion through their face because they’ve injected it with so much botox. It’s like they’re wearing a mask 24/7, literally and metaphorically. Her latest pr stunt is nothing more than an extension of all that.

  16. Mikey wrote, “I think the important thing to realize (and it is mentioned in Ms. Back-pedaler’s video) is that the vast majority of drivers and cyclists get along fine.”
    You can either move on or continue the hate.
    Her apology is out there regardless of whether one doubts her sincerity.

  17. When life gives you lemons and you have a PR agent kind of story. This move from her is by far the smartest thing she can do. Whether or not it lasts will depend on her sincerity. Lets face it, if she really wants to be a successful bicycle advocate, the cycling community will hold her feet to the fire and any time she slips up, it will back to the drawing board for her and whatever career she chooses.

  18. At first I thought it was just a BS ploy to salvage her public image. But @2:10 when a driver actually does something stupid she says out loud “seriously.. like he couldn’t wait?”, which is exactly the right reaction.

    So at least she understands a little

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  20. I’m sorry but she is going to have to blow me before I believe she is sincere and accept her apology. It also better be a great one!

  21. seems a little disingenuous. actually, a complete load of bull shit scripted by her legal council. “every driver should ride a bike.” she says. how about just not being a dick when youre behind the wheel?

  22. The car cutting them off was probably scripted. Notice that the hood of the car they shoot video from (@1:48) is black and the car that passes them and then cuts them off (@2:08) is same color. Also, is it a coincidence that the video they have of car passing/cutting them off was shot from her gropro and not from inside the ‘follow’ car like almost every other moving shot? I think not.

  23. The issue here is bigger than whether she “feels our pain”. Looking at her other videos, she’s obviously trying to brand herself as some dumb blonde who’s just sayin’ all sorts of judgemental crap and putting down other people, like her shit doesn’t smell (I mean, c’mon, she puts down guys for not checking out boobs discreetly? Can I get an amen from everyone on DC?).

    So now, she wants to come off like some dignified, thoughtful journalist presenting a balanced viewpoint? Not buying it. I don’t even care if she retracts the video about not checking out boobs correctly.

  24. Scripted? Well wankers, wouldn’t you script a video recording? I certainly would, rather than mumbling and stuffing my words.

    Really, look for the positives people. If she contributes to an improvement in behaviour, and even just one incident is avoided in future, then that’s good.

    I’m pleased I was drawn into the whole saga, (including giving the police concerned a spray), and her response is as good as you’ll get I think. Courageous. Smart. Possibly calculating. Constructive.

  25. Why did she disable the comments function on youtube?? This video smacks of damage limitation and not make-amends .. Is she now a cycle activist?? I think not. She make a valid point though, every driver should experience riding a bike on busy roads.

  26. Right or wrong, scripted or not (agreed, if I did a video, it sure as hell would be well written down first), she, the first keyboard warrior in this dust up, is now out, publicly apologizing, and doing something to prove that she was wrong.

    PR or not, the message is the same, and she’s owning her mistake.

    What I see here is a bunch of injured keyboard ninjas reveling in the monday morning quarterbacking surrounding her fuck up.

    Agreed, follow her, keep up with her actions and activities, but to just dump on her efforts at change, when all most of you did was whine on a website about something she did or said? Who’s not doing enough now?

    Not that I’m in any way religious, but this one hits it on the head. I’m sure none of you ever said something you regret.

    To err is human, to forgive is divine….

  27. She felt the sting from all that for sure. Let’s move on and bring back Red Heads For Dave!


  28. Mendon said:
    ” Agreed, follow her, keep up with her actions and activities, but to just dump on her efforts at change, when all most of you did was whine on a website about something she did or said? Who’s not doing enough now?”

    I have found that as a user group most cyclists’ don’t do enough. In fact, nobody does anymore. We tend to be a group full of wants and gimme gimme, but often fail to step up and do any real action.

    Sitting behind a keyboard and saying ” hey this ain’t right and you cannot do that” is just the first step in any positive call to action. It’s time to do real work. Build.Dig.Lobby. VOTE.

    And for the record I do see the irony of what I just typed. I too am guilty of not doing enough.

  29. The Jersey boy in me says we whack the bitch.

    The sane rational boy in me says we whack the bitch.

    Your choice.

  30. @mikey

    “Let’s get a posse together for next year!!”

    Seriously ?? You live in NZ right ?? So if I show up the posse will consist of me, you and 42,000 sheep ??

    No thanks.

  31. Mr. T—

    No, sir. I live in Warshington State, on the left coast of North America. Google up “Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park” F’n gorgeous. And a pretty tall hill to ride up. I can’t wait to climb it again.

  32. @ 3T

    “Sheep numbers have gradually declined since the mid-1980s, due to factors such as depressed wool prices, droughts in the 1990s, and competition from other land-intensive farming activities (eg dairy and forestry). While sheep numbers stabilised and even grew slightly in the mid-2000s, numbers soon decreased again, reaching the low of 31.1 million in 2011”.

    I’m sure that you’ll have a great time down here, Just don’t get caught in the act…