“I hate cyclists, every single one of them.”

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Let me begin by saying that I like police officers, and appreciate their service; without them, we wouldn’t have functional societies. But as with all lines of work, there are bad apples. I’m not suggesting that Chief McLean is the one responsible for posting, then deleting the comments on the Santa Paula Police Department facebook page, but I am suggesting it looks fishy, and that he may be using a “volunteer” or “administrator” named Michael Gray to cover his ass. But first, let’s take a step back.

On Friday morning, this video was brought to our attention:YouTube Preview Image

Simply, it’s a horrible video, and action had to be taken. Action was taken; scroll through the blue page to catch up if you don’t know what I’m talking about: facebook page.

The cycling community expressed their opinions, and inevitably, Laura Weintraub unpublished the video and locked down her facebook because she was getting absolutely blasted. Kudos to those who contributed, I think we were heard.

Things became interesting when word got out that she was a reserve officer for the Santa Paula Police Department. The video was brought to the attention of Chief McLean on one of his recent posts to the department’s facebook page, which itself didn’t seem entirely appropriate for the setting.


The response, which was opposite of what you’d hope from the people we pay to protect us, was presumably posted, then later deleted by Chief McLean. However, he declares it was Michael Gray, the “volunteer” or “administrator” who for reasons unknown had access to the Santa Paula PD facebook account and was repsonding to concerns under a post clearly authored by McLean. May I ask why?
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According to the LA Times,

McLean said critics had taken a post he made weeks earlier about grabbing a cold beer after a hard day and twisted it to appear to be his commentary on the video.

“That’s why a lot of people are bashing me,” he said. “Some idiot out there took a statement that had nothing to do with anything and applied it here.”

McLean also denied accusations that he removed critical posts, saying it was the work of a volunteer or administrator.

Source: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-santa-paula-bicyclist-video20140719-story.html

Let’s pick that apart for a second. Firstly, not the best choice of words by Chief. The “idiot” he refers to, used the comment section of the “beer” post (which was actually seven days prior, not “weeks earlier” as he suggested) to shed light on a concerning video posted by one of his employees. While a police officer drinking beer is no problem when he’s off-duty, using the department’s facebook page as a platform to advertise “a statement that had nothing to do with anything” doesn’t seem like the greatest idea.
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Secondly, nobody applied McLean’s beer post as a response to the video, as it obviously came before the video was published. The police department’s actual statement to the video (which was later deleted) is what was being applied; and it appears that whoever was at the helm of the facebook account, whether McLean or Gray, is a big fan of Back To The Future, but doesn’t understand what screenshots are.

Anyways, McLean logs back in, reformulates his stance, and tells people to call him (“Yeah, let’s just talk about this little hiccup somewhere else..”).


McLean said yesterday he had placed Weintraub and Gray on leave pending an investigation, but there is no investigation to be had, especially on Weintraub. It’s blatantly clear what she did, and it’s clear she should never work in public safety again (unless she is a bike cop). It’s McLean who should be investigated for possibly posting the shoddy, and inappropriate responses on the department’s facebook page. It certainly looks as though he was the one posting, and tried to backpedal to cover up his mistake. I’m no lawyer, but if that’s what actually happened, it’s probably not legal.
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I don’t accept any of the apologies, because they are only an attempt to save face. There would be no apology if this incident wasn’t exposed. They were also incredibly weak, and fabricated. If you want to post a public apology, make a video so we can see your face. I also don’t accept McLean’s explanation of the original repsonse to the video, and the deletion of comments. There are just too many things not adding up and I don’t think he should be able to squirm his way out of this by pawning it off on someone who will see no real consequence.

I’m not really sure what we do now, or if anything I wrote makes sense, but here are his bosses, maybe we can start there..

Go have your beer Chief, but you might need something a bit stronger to wash this one away. Cheers.

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37 Replies to ““I hate cyclists, every single one of them.””

  1. Glad to see the post protection removed. Great read brother.

    I’ve been hassled by civilians and cops so many times that I stick to trails as much as possible. I hope that bitch seriously pays for what she did.

  2. This video and the reaction of the police department are dangerous. I just do not get it. It always gets me that if a police officer feels threatened by a motorist and their car they can use deadly force to stop the motorist. This women is threatening bicyclists but nothing is done by the police dept. I just do not get it.

  3. This Laura broad is a HUGE annoying bitch. ‘A whole gangle of them?’ How illiterate is she? And can I mention her whiny sounding Cher voice. Karma can’t come soon enough… say a ‘gangle’ of bikers mowing someone over.

  4. It’s amazing the comments I got when I posted it on YouTube. I should have downloaded it right away, thank god someone else did. It’s not about giving HER more attention, it’s about giving the issue more attention. It’s right along the lines of the cyclist who was threatened with a citation after posting the video of his altercation with a 6k lbs diesel truck. It’s amazing the folks that think we are the minority and can be bullied into whatever way of backwood thinking they are used to. They fail to realize we are actually a bunch of educated folk that just like to ride bikes….and drink beer and look at stuff in tight spandex (not other dudes FYI!).

    DC, thanks for taking a break from the fun and posting stuff like this. Hopefully more issues like it brought to the publics’ eye will help build more support for sick hobby. Then I can focus on the latter two of the 3 Bs and not have to worry about being taken out by another unconcerned runner.

  5. Haha. That video is hilarious! I don’t understand what the big deal is. She didn’t hurt anybody in the video. It was a joke. You all need to relax. I think that bike seat may be taking its toll on some of you.

  6. Hey Nick- go fuck yourself. When you start suggesting that people kill each other for fun it’s not a joke. And, that screen grab she posted at the end is from an incident where cyclist died because of a drunk driver .

  7. Hasn’t the City of Santa Paula hosted the Tour of California? I suggest the Tour ( and the dollars it generates) stay well clear of this city until definitive action has been taken against those in its police department who act in opposition to the safety of those in their community.

  8. Wow! What a hater. I cannot believe the stupidity of this dumb bitch. By law bikers own the lane just as much as cars, period.
    And no, it’s not just a joke. People just as stupid as her are going to take this literally and probably act upon it.
    What a shame!

  9. She has resigned. And, yes, the Tour of California has gone through Santa Paula a couple of times.

  10. She’s obviously trying to be Jenna Marbles, but doesn’t know how to pick topics or be original.

  11. She must have missed a couple classes at her reserve academy and hopefully this has ended her chances of ever being a cop. It’s no brainer, doubt the Chief knew. She clearly states a bias against a segment of the citizens she has sworn to protect. Ah, that’s bad. That bias kind spoils her for testifying in court and allows the accused to fight her credibility. “Officer, what other groups do you hate and want to kill?”

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  13. I agree that the video is wrong even if it was clearly meant to be a joke but, does everyone who screws up need to be burned at the stake?

    A better way to go about this would have been to let her keep her job, demand a public apology and demand she post a video that she was wrong and hitting cyclists isn’t a joke/watching out for cyclists while driving since they want to get home safely to their kids or parents just like everyone else.

    If she has a large audience, maybe this path would help keep cyclists safe…since I doubt many of her viewers are cyclists.

  14. What a gaggle of self-important asshats all of you are. Spandex a little tight?
    ” It’s blatently (sic- spell check bud!) clear what she did, and it’s clear she should never work in public safety again.” Is that a serious comment? Because she made a dumb video? That’s almost as delusional as thinking someone on a bicycle has the same rights on the road as someone behind the wheel of a car.

  15. Horrible cunt – you’ve got to question why anyone would volunteer to be a copper without pay for any reason other than over inflated ego or small-man-syndrome.

  16. @Victor: you may want to look into the laws regarding this matter before you continue to flap your gums.

  17. Dialing back the misogyny a bit might help the cause. There plenty here to rally against without it.

  18. Hey Nick, Yeah… joking about killing people and paying to kill them is TOTES MAZE BALLS HILLARIOUS. Here, this just happened last week… turn the volume up and listen to the poor man moan and cry like a wounded animal… well he is a HUMAN BEING. But who cares? Shame on you and others like you.

  19. Holy Shit Tad! That happened fifteen min. from my house. Hardly made the news here at all.

    No fucking way would I ride down the road he was on.

  20. What a narcissistic, vain and self-obsessed woman.

    Tune in for next week’s episode where she be talks about how she hates traffic jams and black people, all from her gas-guzzling SUV.

  21. All fucktard opinions aside, I still truly favor the comment on FB that “she” looks like a transvestite.

  22. Interesting, although I don’t think anything to unusual. I agree that if it is an attempt at humor, it failed pretty miserably. And, as usual, the lines have been drawn and the panties are wadded. If more people could be open to sharing, I don’t think we’d have the trouble we do…….also, if panties didn’t get wadded so easily it might help too.

  23. Holy Shit! to the video that Tad posted… That is disturbing. And to the Cup Holder Bitch, go Fuck yourself! and to Nick and anyone who thinks of this as a joke go Fuck Yourselves as well.

  24. Jesus. Of course she should lose her job. Would she get to keep it if she made a cute little satiric video stating how she hated some ethnic group, or group with a different sexual orientation and suggesting they be taken out? Tells you just what a bright girl she really is. Be interesting to see what happens to El Jefe. Bullshit like his is just one of the reasons cyclists are starting to take advantage of concealed carry in texas. Thanks DC for bringing to light.

  25. Just one more reason that life would be better without FaceBrag.

    None of us would know about her, blood pressures would be more stable, and she could just live life as a rentacop in obscurity.

    Off to ride, far better than counting how many *friends* I have as of today that *like* me….

    Yeah, head in the sand, but were we all so pissed off about everything when we didn’t know about it all? I think not.

    Probably rode more too.

    Yes, she’s an brainless moron, plenty of them, both sexes, out there running around.

    Yes, that guy in TX with the F350 needs to go to jail, but how does any of you knowing about it, do anything about any of it? Video proof he crossed the line will be plenty for a jury to chew on.

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  27. Suppose someone made a “satiric” video about a cyclist who had finally had enough, and began taking vengeance against-oh, I don’t know-douchebags in BMWs, hicks in F-Shitfifty Stupor Doodies, cops and the like. What do you suppose the outcome would be?

    Ever read the Spike Bike stories written by Bob Fishell? Make a hell of a movie, I’ll tell you what.

  28. Tad Dickman-My cat lounges around the computer with me. It’s sort of our morning ritual. Normally he pays no attention to what’s playing.

    But this morning when I played the video you posted, he walked straight up to the monitor and put his paw on it, as if to say, “Let me help”. Even he knew that a great wrong had just been done. If others do not, how DARE they consider themselves human beings?

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