MRP – Grand Junction, ColoRADo

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When Dirty and I were in Grand Junction, we paid a visit to the crew at MRP to see how they were livin’. Turns out they’re livin’ pretty damn well while they hand-build some of the industry’s leading suspension forks right in Colorado’s Western Slope.

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Word on the street is that MRP will be at the Grand Junction Off-Road demo’ing the goods and giving away some forks. We’ll be there making sure the strip clubs stay busy and people stay hydrated.

Cheers, and #fuckyeahfriday!

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2 Replies to “MRP – Grand Junction, ColoRADo”

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  2. Looks great for dusty US trails but how will they cope with six months of winter grime, grit and mud in northern England. MRP – send me a set a set and I’ll test ’em. Can’t be worse than Fox, can they?