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11 Replies to “Thoughts on the Tour De France so far”

  1. I would think anyone who has a grain storage facility would identify with lots of crashing, even if on two wheels

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  3. I don’t care who you are or why you hate el pistolero, but throwing the bike down at 40 MPH on a glorified goat path in the rain, then changing your shattered shoes and chasing back over a Cat 1 climb WITH A BROKEN LEG is really pretty bad-ass.

  4. Love drunk cyclist. Although us roadies don’t drink beer during the ride I’m so full of drugs it’s amazing.

  5. Well, crickets are good bait so I guess I’ll bite: what the heck are you talking about?!? Stage 5, maing. Done. And we are just getting into the mountains.

    If you want to bait the audience into some internet yelling, you might at least mention Van Garderen’s reaction to the hardness (Stage 5, maing) which could be the springboard into the deep end of the dirty pool. Etc.

  6. Watching the TdF is a lot better than 99% of everything else that’s on. TV has really gone to shit since The Real World was conceived.

  7. Two top contend(tadors) out ! what a shakeup. And it appears most of the world could give a shit.. Oh well. I’ll just have a drink..