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18 Replies to “On Fire With One Tire”

  1. This bloke just ruined a perfectly good rear wheel in the name of competition? Im sure his predecessors must be turning over.

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  3. Completely bonkers.

    Good thing he never had to go uphill, though, woulda been tough to get much power down.

  4. This is utter poppycock. Typical yank to show his feathers to the peanut gallery. Bloody wanker doesn’t know what it means to truly pop a tyre

  5. in my town we would have christened this chap the village idiot. What a dunce he must be not to realize he had a flat

  6. Interestingly, I lived in London, and no one ever spewed such anti-American BS to me. Scared much?

  7. You do realise this was in a world cup and he carried on to gain as many points is possible to try and mainttain his lead as he was leading the standings at the time? Its not as if the wheel makes any difference to him he is sponsored by some of the biggest names in mountain biking!

  8. Come on….he knew it was flat. Probably carried on out of respect for the sport.

    World Cup skiers will hike up the mountain after a crash to collect their gear and go back around the last gate they missed.

  9. Fuk, looks like I missed it. Damn you Union Cycliste Internationale!!!

  10. Hey ethan-Got minute? Just wanted to remind you on behalf of my Dad*-If not for the sacrifice of the “typical Yank”, you’d probably be posting your drivel in German.

    You’re welcome.

    *Army Airborne, European theatre

  11. I congratulate him for finishing. I used to be a rally driver. If something broke, we finished the stage no matter what. As long as the car could drive.

  12. Anyway to get that to me digitally? I cant find it currently on youtube and will promise to upload it once an hr. Its not the UCI folks, its specialized trying to claim domain again!!!!

  13. Anne-Caroline Chausson did this one year in practice at Mount Snow. Flat at top of course; she wrapped the tyre around her seatpost and did the rest on a bare rim. She was faster through the tough technical parts than most of the field….

    As to why do it: she was near the top of the mountain with no good way of getting down. Sure, you ruin one wheel, but you get down, get your wheel replaced, and get back to the start line in time for the final. Same with Gwin: he could have stopped and hiked up (no fun, zero points), stopped and hiked down (ditto), or rode it out as he did, have some fun, gain some respect, and maybe salvage a few points.