Beer first, water second.

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Putting the fun back in being hydrated.
Putting the fun back in being hydrated.

A few weeks back Dirty Biker and I were talking about keeping beers cold- He told me to put your beers in your hydration bladder with ice. I thought to myself, “damn, Dirty is a dirtbag professional!”. So today, I came home at 8 am after finishing a big project at work and cranked it to fuck yea friday!

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I am... Caveman. Spokane, Washington, USA

4 Replies to “Beer first, water second.”

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  2. Hey Caveman I’m a DC follower I’m going to be out in the Seattle area in mid July wanted to know if you had some must ride trails in the region.Hell maybe if it works out we could ride some trail and drink some beer.I am coming from Indiana so any and all Northwest riding is welcome!

  3. Tiger Mtn.
    Duthie MTB park
    There’s some really scenic rail-trail, John Wayne Iron Horse and the Snoqualmie Valley Tr. obviously non-technical.
    Caveman knows about 1000 miles of gorgeous, technical, singletrack around Spokangeles and out towards Methopotamia.
    Rubber side down.