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26 Replies to “Feel it”

  1. The “music” made me abit nauseous. And the day I need some film school dropout’s sophomore project to make me “want to go ride”, you can put me in the ground.

  2. Bam! I also enjoyed the video but that was the best come back every, Joe

  3. After watching the video I’ve decided that @Joe can blow me, and I’m buying @Chester a beer if we ever meet.

  4. The music, the video…All rubbish. Stop wasting your time and go ride something.

  5. Joe can’t take a hike we don’t need people like you riding bike with people like me and Chester lol

  6. At first I didn’t like the music but by the end I loved it. Great video made me want to ride rite now.

  7. I’m with Joe, the vid is wank. Go watch a Lucas Brunelle vid; that’ll make you want to ride.

  8. Yea the music wasn’y my favorite, but sitting here at work and starting the day with a bike video sure beats watching most of the other BS around. I dig it. Keep it positive. There are too many A-hole haters around. Here’s to Chester! :)

  9. Hit the “back” button at first sight of a dude in tanktop, white shoes, and no helmet. Mute button helps too.

  10. This is a bike to work month, actually every month is a bike month all the year around and I’m retired, just enjoy it! thanks for sharing.

  11. looks like a bunch of people enjoying cycling, I like that, and we need more of it. TwistedXtian, I love you are excited, that’s pretty cool.

  12. @Bobby the Bruce-For the life of me I can’t understand why pretty girls get themselves marked up like that. But she wanted so bad to ride her tarck biek that she didn’t finish taping the bars. Nor did she put on a helment. I guess that’s cool to some, but if they’re that easily impressed I’m damned if I see where it’s worth the effort. Oh yeah, and for the record I was riding brakeless before it was mainstream.
    @Mikey-God will get you for that. Oh yes He will.

  13. joetheelectrician did everything before it was mainstream. Just check all his insightful comments. He should really have his own blog.

  14. People of every stripe, likely folks that would never hang out together for any reason, all seemingly happy because of the same thing.

    All good in my book.

  15. Nice video Mikey. The only thing I’d add to that awesome workout is the crown of thorns. No pain No gain.

    And I’m beginning to have new respect for the wit and wisdom of JoetheeleCtrician. Has anyone else noticed that the letters J & C are the first and tenth letters of his name? Coincidence? I think not.

  16. Sparky has been a constant on this site & that gets respect from my quarter, plus he likes kittaths.