Gone Flat

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Last week, a certain shitbag we all know, made a video about changing a flat. It was sad. I watched the whole damn thing and I will never get back those two minutes of my life. Seriously, don’t watch it.

Not to be outdone, Greg LeMond decided to respond with a video of his own. He really could have taken the humor up a notch if he did it in a US Postal Service kit with a needle hanging out of his arm. But it is entertaining none the less.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.29.30 PM

We need more of this.



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35 Replies to “Gone Flat”

  1. Hahha! AMAZING! This was cute. I really enjoyed Lemond’s apprehension.

    And the VO2 max. HA! Oh yeah.

  2. why does he look so old. He has not aged well at all. He looks like he’s 65 years old! Horrible. This should teach people not to consume this junk he is pushing.

  3. lemond should do Jenny Craig commercials…definately lost fat off his ass since the last time we saw him on film.

    Seriously the jackhole cant stop minding his own fucking business.

  4. Can’t believe everyone thought lance was clean. Can’t believe everyone thinks Greg was clean either!

  5. Screw LeMond, people should quite hating on Lance! Did he F**k up? Sure he did, but doping was what was going on during the era in which he raced. Was it right,………..hell no, but he still turned the pedals over for every mile of pavement he traveled. Plus who out there hasn’t done anything illegal at some point in their lives, and I don’t give me any crap about the level of his crime over something else. Wrong is wrong no matter what, and get over hating on Lance, it’s in the past, let it go!

  6. The biggest problem lance has. Is Lance….so freaking arrogant…to know him is to dislike him! !!

  7. I liked the Armstrong vid from last week. I thought it was hilarious.

    Kinda feel bad for Lemond. It’s sucks he’s still so bitter. Time to move on…

  8. Beautiful. As for LeMond looking old, fat, etc. so what? Do you prefer the old washed up pro bike racer LA all jacked up and sporting a banana hammock at some stupid triathlon.

    The funniest things is that even now LeMond could probably come off the couch and kick 99%of the ham & eggers who piddle around this site (including my own sorry self)

    RIP AS – The greatest that ever was and will be

  9. Anybody else catch the inside joke when Lemond mentions feeling for “pellets” at about 45 seconds? Doesn’t that seem like a strange comment?

    It does, until you remember that his career was interrupted when he was accidentally shot by his brother in law with a shotgun (leaving pellets in the lining of his heart)…

    Wicked sense of humor… and, yes, the guy has earned the right to be indignant with riders who cheated. He and Andy Hampsten deserve statues.

  10. Do you think his brother in law really shot him accidentally. If you had a brother in law like that you can’t tell me you would not at least dream about shooting him, only in your dream you would be a better shot.
    Yeah he had one of the highest vO2 ever recorded with a lot of help by a good doctor and a bag full of helpers. It shows in how old he looks.

  11. And Greg is over it. And it was funny. Cycling’s nice guy to the end. And as always, he cares about the sport a lot more than the soap-opera public does.

  12. Lemond. I became a cyclist because of him. Sure, I rode a bike before I knew his name. I was in my early teens, everyone without a driver’s license rode a bike. After watching the 80s coverage of TdF, I became a cyclist.

    Armstrong. Yes, I believed. What American didn’t, at least early on. What made him a douche isn’t so much that he’s a lousy doping cheater, although that would be enough. No, it’s that he drug (pun intended) those who spoke the truth into court. He sullied the name of all who were honest. Now I want my money back from the two ghost-written books I purchased, they were classified as non-fiction when in retrospect, they were clearly fiction.

  13. Thanks Mikey. Very cool. DH is quite and eloquent and thoughtful guy himself and apparently drove the hell out of the FW16 once they got it dialed in. I also enjoyed the Sky sports piece with Ron Dennis which is a must see. One interesting thing he says is that there is no doubt that the Benneton did indeed have TC in early season ’94.

  14. Lemond is just proud of the fact that he never got caught.

    However, this video is awesome. I love his outright hatred of the man.

  15. @MIke & Hack

    My new frame came with the McLaren Marlboro red, white, and black colors. Maybe Senna is watching when I ride well.

    Looking for that 88′ Monaco “tunnel” experience on the bike.

  16. Yes Buck. Looking for that tunnel experience myself. Probably had a chance to get it if I had the balls to go out for one more lap at Old Pueblo this year – but all the usual everyday shit (will I be able to drive home, etc) came up and scared me off from going into the “unknown”. I’ll be looking for it again next year. I think this is the actual

  17. Misters Buck & Hack— aye mon. Vicious overrevs into Casino; opposite lock exiting Loews. Each of us should be so lucky. Rubber side down, brothers.

  18. Awesome! LeMond’s got a few screws loose in his head (and pellets in his chest!) Gotta love his wry sense of humor and his ability to laugh at the situation. If I was Greg, I’d be making fun of Lance Armstrong Fans…maybe a few billboards that say, ‘I TOLD YOU SO!’. lol

  19. Man, what a bunch of sad cynical little hens.

    It looks as if, for all anyone knows, Lemond raced in the last races of the clean era. His fluids have been tested to betsy and always come up clean. The guy’s lived through shit few of us can relate to. Further, he has committed no offense upon me, so what would I gain by judging him? It serves no point except to fuel my own jaded misanthropy.

    Armstrong took my money, lied to my face, and gloated about it. F him straight in his ear. No quarter.

    Lemond looks old because that’s what happens with the passing of time, kiddies. Spoiler, you’ll begin to look old too when you grow up someday.

  20. LeMond doped as much as Lance did.
    He acts like an ex-wife after a divorce.