9Zero7 Never Looked So Good…

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When we get bikes in to review at Drunkcyclist, we could give you the same ol’ photos that every other website gives you: glamour shots of the fork, the wheels, the bb, etc. We choose instead to accentuate. Here’s some accentuations, featuring the lovely Shannon and our very own 40 Hands…because, ya know, something for the ladies.

Click here to check out the entire set of photos from the 9Zero7 shoot HERE.

Sassy Wall backside

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I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

3 Replies to “9Zero7 Never Looked So Good…”

  1. Oh man. The last person I had sex with looked a lot more like 40 hands than Shannon.

    No offense 40 but, :(