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This video incorporates a few of my favorite things: Bikes, mountain climbing and great bad ideas. Check it out as Cedar and Alex bike tour to climb all of California’s 14,000ft peaks in one trip.

  1. Mount Whitney (14,494 ft./4,418 m.)
  2. Mount Williamson (14,370 ft./4,380 m.)
  3. White Mountain Peak (14,246 ft./4,342 m.)
  4. North Palisade (14,242 ft./4,341 m.)
  5. Polemonium Peak (14,200 ft./4,328 m.)
  6. Starlight Peak (14,200 ft./4,328 m.)
  7. Mount Shasta (14,162 ft./4,317 m.)
  8. Mount Sill (14,153 ft./4,314 m.)
  9. Mount Russell (14,086 ft./4,293 m.)
  10. Split Mountain (14,058 ft./4,285 m.)
  11. Middle Palisade (14,040 ft./4,279 m.)
  12. Mount Langley (14,027 ft./4,275 m.)
  13. Mount Tyndall (14,018 ft./4,273 m.)
  14. Mount Muir (14,012 ft./4,271 m.)
  15. Thunderbolt Peak (14,000 ft./4,267 m.)

**Thanks to EpicTV for streaming this

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One Reply to “SufferGnarFest”

  1. Idiots… Learn how to fucking ride a bike.

    Totally missing the point. Might as well be crossfit superstars.