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18 Replies to “The First Step is the Hardest”

  1. EDIT: The first step to becoming a mountain biker is acknowledging that [all] road bike[s] suck.

  2. Dude must be rolling in dough if he can afford to trash a $10K bicycle.

    And road bikes don’t suck, because they don’t have Hydraulic disc brakes. Wait, what?

  3. Must be nice to throw down a bicycle that cost more than my entire car!! What an ingrate!! (Actually, I’m pretty well off and the cost of that bike would barely cover the price of a single wheel on my car, but you get the idea).

  4. Mr. Bobbolicious— of course Mr. Kittel doesn’t pay for the bike directly, but if he’s that hard on the equipment, it’s likely to have a negative effect on his compensation and indeed his career. That’s not pro-grade behavior. So yes, if he can afford to trash a $10K bike, he must not need his job very badly.

    One is also tempted to ask, why was he on the deck in the first place? Even if it was unavoidable, how does that make his bicycle at fault?

    And it doesn’t even have hydro disc brakes, so how bad can it be???

  5. I remember when Lance did that in the Tour a bunch of years ago and looked equally as stupid, if not more so.

  6. Road bikes do not suck. They are a tool like any other bike, and when properly applied, can be quite useful.

    Freds suck.

    Roid rage sucks.

    Mountain bikers that think their little corner of the world is the center of the universe? Well, if you don’t know the answer, you’re probably one of them.

    A poor workman blames his tools, and when that happens, it sucks to be the workman.

    Princess needs to take a Midol, and maybe look into a career other than cycling.


    Oh-And “road bikes” made of crabon that are torture devices when ridden on other than sunny days on other that perfectly smooth roads? Well, if you don’t know the answer*, you’re not one of us. You’re one of them.

    *Seriously-You had to look?

  7. I ride my Crabon road bikes on all sorts of roads and in all sorts of weather. Not a torture at all!

  8. Sorry ’bout that, I had a li’l bit much alkylol. Wasn’t clear in what I said.

    Don’t have that much against the crabon, in and of itself. Seems the manufacturers are starting to get their act together. But the retrogrouch curmudgeon is strong in this one. Anyway, “fighter jets, blah blah blah…”

    No, to me the “torture” comes into play with the mere thought of riding a bike two sizes too small, sold by a clerk who “knows about bike fit”, said bike being equipped with the narrowest, hardest tyres known to man and, through poor design, lacking the clearance, Clarence, for reasonable rubber and fenders. Live and learn.

    That crabon Niner looks the very job to me if I ever strike it rich. Same for the crabon fat bike recently discussed herein. And a crabon rando-ish sort of bike with fenders, real tyres and barcon shifters? Fugeddaboutit.

    But as things stand, these are indulgences far beyond my means, and likely always will be. With my luck, I’ll surely be at the airport on the day my ship comes in.

  9. If this was a cross race they would have just handed the fool a beer and a flask told him to take a swig, quit crying like a bitch, smacked his ass and told him to go! xD

  10. Man Joe if you weren’t drunk before you certainly were by the time of your second comment!