Video Dumpster

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Gather ’round kids. It’s that time again, where Uncle Dirty regurgitates all the random videos that you drunkards send me throughout the week.

Some of the sexiest 35 seconds on the internet. I’ll take one of each, please.

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Because watching people fall down is hilarious.

you can check out more HERE

Have you seen yet? He does The Week in Bike video every Friday and it has rendered my twitter feed useless for pro road racing. Now I just wait until Friday afternoon and get everything I need to know in about 4 minutes

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Thanks to Supergizzimo for telling me about this one

One of my all time favorite things to do on a mountain bike is turn. I love the feeling of hitting it just right and knowing it was smooth. This video breaks down a pretty cool nose wheelie technique

This is the most rowdy surf video I have seen in a while.

Finally… this is just plain awesome.

Now get outside!


…and I’ll leave THIS right here

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