Parental Supervision is Advised

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“Here’s the deal… bring biking back to affordable and achievable. Not to squash the enthusiasts on the far end but to leave an open door, or entry point for those wanting in. Be the change you wish to see… right? For one year, 2014, I’m going to ride one bike (Transition Bikes Klunker) with one speed and one brake for under one thousand dollars. Married, father of two, show it can be done and have just as much fun.” -Rob Bauer

Rob doesn't do PG-13
Rob doesn’t do PG-13

photo: Scott Morris


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13 Replies to “Parental Supervision is Advised”

  1. I was there to see that move! I just dropped it for the first time, very scared, on a Pivot Firebird. Meeting and riding with Rob was very cool.

  2. I’m a little confused, cake. I’ve never not ridden cuz I couldn’t afford it. I’m poor as fuc but that didn’t stop me from riding 5hrs. yesterday. My current road ride has about 20k miles on it. Everything on it is worn out, broken, partially broken, or about to break. If riding cost money I would spend 100% of my time sleeping and jerking.
    I don’t understand everyones preoccupation with how much shit costs. If everyone wanted black steel fixies w/deep dish pink rims, Specialized would sell the shit out of em. I still wouldn’t buy one cuz it has no appeal to me. If someone spends 4 grand for one I simply don’t givafuc.
    I bet that dude will have a great adventure on his single single. Truth is ever to be found in simplicity – isaac newton

  3. My Monocog was under four bills in 2004. If you can’t have fun on a bike like that, best take up bingo.

  4. I used to adhere to the “never let the equipment surpass the talent and committment” approach and kept rolling the ’26 v-brake 2004 first mtb owned model. But at some point having questionable fucks roll by you on their carbon 29’er w/enough gas in the tank to pay you a patronizing “compliment” for keeping it real, etc., etc. is enough to make you go out and blow 5K on said carbon 29’er so as not to give yourself a built in excuse for getting your arse kicked

    I little gem here for anyone who appreciates kick ass rock and roll and unreal rithym guitar

  5. I’m daily riding still using an old ’99 Shogun, and my riding buddy using a 2000 Shogun. Only spending money when parts are beyond repair.

  6. Who cares if a bike is 10 grand or half a grand. They all roll and they’re all fun. Don’t hate either way. There’s far more important shit to worry about out there, like what whether or not your belt matches your shoes.

  7. So quick to boast of personal experience.. Try and see it for what it is; an experiment of riding a simple, quirky, rootsy and quite outlandish klunker amongst unlikes in territory not necessarily suited for the style. It’s Rob’s expression of challenge and freedom, not a statement of elitism or clash. Chill dudes, chill.

  8. I’ve been riding an old Monocog I got off craigslist for $300 as well as a Kona Paddy Wagon (also from CL) for the last few years. I have more fun on the Monocog than I ever did on my debt-inducing double boingers of years past. Out here in the Pac NW, nothing beats bunny hopping logs in the mud while the yuppies get high centered on their double boingers that cost as much as a small car. I also enjoy crushing century rides on the fixed gear Paddy Wagon when the carbon fiber set tells me “you can’t do this ride on a fixed gear.” Yeah you can and I just did.

  9. A friend and me pulled up to a trail in the foothills of Denver and proceed to get ready to ride. A few minutes later two trucks pulling trailers full of lawn equipment arrive and park. Several Mexicans jumped out and begin moving lawnmowers around to get to their bikes. I noticed all their riding equipment was from the mid 90’s, and mostly fully rigid with a few that had front shocks. I’d say our bikes’ combined cost probably totaled more than twice that of the 6 Mexicans’ bikes.

    My friend and I proceeded up the trail. About 5 minutes later, every single one of the Mexicans comes flying by us on the climb. We had spent all day in a comfortable office, sitting in front of the computer. The Mexicans had spent their day working hard cutting grass. In the end, we all made it to the top of the climb, and even though those guys didn’t speak a word of English, we were all having an awesome time.

    Lesson learned……no matter what you do for a living whether cutting grass, programming databases, performing surgery, cleaning toilets, waiting tables, etc…there are plenty of used, cheap bikes on Craig’s List, there are thousands of trails to ride in the US, and the liquor store by me always, always, has Bulleit rye in stock.