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It is our favorite holiday weekend here at DC headquarters. It is 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo weekend! Cupcake, S. Jesus, and myself will be out in the desert for a few days so it might be a little quiet around these parts. I figured I should leave you with at least a few minutes of time wasting entertainment in our absence.

Since we are heading down to the Old Pueblo I might as well show you a little of what it looked like last year

YouTube Preview Image

This makes me really want to go to Sweden. You’re going to like this:

YouTube Preview Image

There has been a ton of banger BMX videos hitting the internets recently, and this one is no exception. Creative and raw:

YouTube Preview Image

…and here is another one. So much creativity it will ooze out of this yellow page

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a little PSA from the fine folks over at IMBA

And last but not least…some instruction on how to wrap your handlebars

YouTube Preview Image




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11 Replies to “video dump”

  1. Funny thing is, I couldn’t even get myself to watch the last video.

    I haven’t been to OP in 4 years. And I can’t say I miss it at all…

  2. Total fucking cheese. This blog has become the epitome of useless information provided by children acting like men. It’s bad enough that you have to use women to grab the reader’s attention to actually look at your nonsense. What’s worse is that the women are not even a five, and I’ve had eight by now.
    Big Johnny , shut it down brother. This is embarrassing .

  3. Anyone even realize the irony of that last one?

    That “company” is “owned” by Anthony Sinyard (Of the Specialized Sinyard pedigree).

    That is why your stoopid carbon frame cost so much, gotta keep little Sinyards trust fund fully stocked for great projects like that.

    And to think he turned down running the big S for bar tape….and lots of weed, ha!