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So we all remember that little shit-storm back in December when Specialized served a cease and desist to small bike shop because it was called Roubaix. Well, this little gem just started circulating the internets:

crosscocksucker link.

C’mon guys. Seriously? If somebody else made an add with say..oh I don’t know…Epix instead of Epic. Specialized would be suing them so fast their head would spin.

For those of you that don’t get it yet. This is a Surly Cross Check:


Personally, I have been pretty quiet about this whole Specialized thing. With the exception of a few encounters with Specialized employees, I have left all of the internet banter to the rest of the crew. But the hypocrisy of this has me fired up.

Hey Specialized… FUCK YOU! Could you be any more douchey?


OK, I just had to get that out of my system. Here is a little something for your weekend. Cheers!


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43 Replies to “Seriously?”

  1. Old news, the president of specialized showed up to apologize for that in person to the shop in question, this all happened months ago.

  2. I think you might be going a bit overboard on this one. It’s just a blog post. I’m guessing the rider they are talking about is Czech in nationality and it’s a cross race…. maybe I’m missing something.

  3. Fuck ‘EM, but on another note.. that pair there at the end hath greatly improved my Friday.

  4. The cyclist is Czezh…he’s riding a Cross event. Hence: Cross Czech. A bit of a stretch on the Specialized hating to think they are referencing the Surly.

  5. Imma have to go ahead and agree with Dirty a little bit here. When I saw that ad, I was like, “No way, some dude one a big-time ‘cross race on a steel bike?” Then I’m like, “No, it’s just a stolen trademark.”

    Me? I gave away my Specialized FSR. Not for social justice and shit like that, but because I’d put 8000 miles on it and it was THRASHED.

  6. I’m with Dirty. Who at the big red S didn’t know about the cross check? Fuck ’em.

  7. Am I the only one who gets the hockey reference and that this race was a total battle between Stybar and Nys those last two laps? The equivalent of cross checking each other in the boards repeatedly.

  8. Unfortunate. However, come 3am next Sunday morning I won’t give two shits as I’ll be counting on my Spec Epic, Captain Control (f) and Fastrak Grid 2Bliss to get my sorry, worn out ass around Old Pueblo again. If it makes you feel any better DB, I’ll be blasting Jetlites – a stellar little company that I’ve sworn by for years.

    BTW – for anyone looking to rent a light at Old Pueblo, Jetlites is renting them for $25 a piece which is a STELLAR deal. SENNA FOREVER!

  9. @hack – shameless plug aside – Meet at the whiskey/Tequila tree, Friday night, right before sunset. We have a little something special up our sleeves…

  10. Oh my! Not to objectify, but…. Holy sweater puppies!

    And yeah, looks like Specy laid off of this case of doochebhaggery. It may be possible that they are growing a little conscience…. just a little one. You know, like when in Grinch who Stole Christmas, the Grinch grew a little tiny black heart and gave the presents back.

  11. Holy shit DB, if only I had the balls. In my day I have excelled at “drunk” and gotten by at “cyclist”, but have never been able to put them together.

    BTW, I read the post about your Himalayan trip, and I must say that trip took a lot of self-belief and a little bit of crazy.

  12. Please please please for the love of sweet baby zombie Jesus post more posts with titles similar to this that will drag me in to find titties similar to those…..

  13. Of course!

    Nobody at Spec ever runs any ad copy past anyone who actually WORKS in the industry, and might recognize it as someone elses name. Gee, they don’t have anyone who’s job it is to discover things like that, do they?

    All copy is allowed to be submitted, and released to the public, without ANY approval at all.

    Nothing like being the 5th grade school yard bully that everyone knows as such, then wear the hat you stole from a 1rst grader and be all like, “what, what did I do, why are you all looking at me like that?”

    Agreed fuck them.

    When they grow a set and realize just because Portland calls itself Stumptown, or that many words used by humanity, existed prior to the big red S’s decision to emblazon a top tube with it, and that none of it is really going to drastically affect profitability for the shareholders, will I have the smallest shred of respect any of the plastic shitbombs they have manufactured overseas and try to cram down our throats as vastly superior to all others in town.

  14. Really? You bag out a brand, pretending you’re making a serious point, and then post an irrelevant picture like that at the end of the article, alienating any female readership in one fell swoop. Grow up little boy.

  15. One a them “don’t call me a chick” chicks, I’ll wager. Knows nothing of the brand and less about DC’s readership.

  16. You’re gross…too bad you can’t say something meaningful without having to paste a lewd photo. Not surprised you like single women…I’m sure no one could stand you for too long.

  17. Making fun of Specialized’s decision to harass a little shop is just plain fun. The Paris-Roubaix race predates Specialized bikes by decades, yet they still had audacity enough harass someone else for using the name like they invented it and copyright it. And for the record they only apologized after the shit storm of bad publicity hit. I ain’t mad at em’, but if you’re going to point out stuff like that, you should probably have a real clean yard first. Love the Kim Jong -un shop shirt.

  18. Chicks that don’t like pics of other chicks. That’s just weird. I’m a chick and I dig, so thanks for the pic.

  19. There use to be a small frame bag maker called Epic Designs in Alaska and Specialized sued them for the use of Epic now the bag maker is called Revelate Designs. FYI