#fuckyeahfriday !!

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Here are some randoms to ease you into the weekend…

I have heard that a DC jersey makes you 66% more attractive and here is the proof.

denver cruiser

#FUCKYEAHFRIDAY !!!  You can buy one here

Do you know what Enduro is?

YouTube Preview Image


Have a great weekend and enduro the hell out of some side boob!

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12 Replies to “#fuckyeahfriday !!”

  1. Still getting on whatever bike is closest to the garage door and riding it wherever the mood strikes in whatever clothes I happen to be wearing. Still having a wonderful time doing it.

  2. Hey, I know, there needs to be a DC poster that says, “Enduro as Fuck.” Just thinkin’ out loud here.

  3. They lost me at “enduro fingernail polish”. Fuck, what’s next? “Gravel bike mascara” or some such; I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

    Perhaps I will have that adult beverage after all.

  4. What I heard was the new 650cc wheels are meant to beat the import tariff and have cheaper insurance compared to the 700cc wheels.

  5. I heard that enduro is when you ride with your junk smashed between your taint and the saddle. Enduro saddle that is.