When You Faceplant, Get Up and Faceplant Again

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A while back I posted a photo of a woman racing at Cyclocross Nationals in Boulder, CO. She was covered in mud when she passed me because she’d faceplanted on the first lap, yet she was still plugging along on the tough back side of the course.  Here’s the photo:


After I posted it, the woman coated in mud got in touch with me, since I mentioned I’d love to talk to her about the race. Come on, let’s face it: when was the last time you looked that badass during or after a race? That’s how every racer should look after a race, right? Dirty, tired, and still fucking going. Right on.

Anyway, her name’s Sandy and she was kind enough to do a quick interview with DC. Here’s what Sandy looks like on her less faceplanty days:

Underneath all that mud is pure badass.
Underneath all that mud is pure badass.

So here we go:

1) Tell me about the race. How did you get so muddy on the first lap? How did the rest of the race go? Where did you finish?

a. I was already apprehensive about the course given its level of difficulty. This past August was my first time on a cx bike because I generally avoid dirt. The mud bath was compliments of taking the plunge down the mesa face first after the first steep run up. I so enjoyed the slide I decided the second time around has got to be even better. I just about made it all the way around the right turn at the base of the downhill then lost it. I was DFL.

2) Do you just race Cross, or are you into other racing scenes as well?

a. My first love is track racing. I enjoy the 2K pursuit, 500m TT, team sprint and team pursuit. The Kerin  and the Flying 200 are fun as well.

3) What got you into cycling? What kept you in it?

a. Years ago I was a competitive triathlete and left the sport after finishing an Ironman distance race. I then tried my hand at TTs. Upon moving to CO in 2007 I became inspired by the number of women I saw riding on the road. I enjoy the feeling of exhilaration by  reaching new goals and the places a bike can take you.

4) We’re always stoked to see women on bikes, because the sport certainly could use more of them. What challenges do you think women face in the cycling world, and what can the cycling community do to make it more welcoming to women in general?

a. Whether or not  a pro, there are not as many female role models for women in the sport. Women’s races do not receive the level of support or visibility as do men’s races. The good news is there are more clinics and mentoring races now open to women which helps demystify the sport. Additionally, women’s only events provide an excellent avenue to bring together novice and more experienced riders in a friendly environment.

5) How did you get to be such a badass? (This question is open to your interpretation!).

a. Must be growing up on the west side of Buffalo, NY! You can take the girl out of Buffalo but you can’t remove the determination and attitude.

6) If you had to convince other women to get into the sport, what would you tell them is awesome about it? What would you tell them sucks about it?

a. CX is one more reason to get another bike, blast out a hard effort in under an hour, and receive accolades when you fall. The thing that really sucks – you can wreck a good manicure in no time. You can join online nail tech courses to fix your manicure yourself.

Okay, now onto the most important questions:1) If you were a stripper, what would your stripper name be?

a. Sapphire

2) Whiskey, beer, or Boone’s Farm?

a. Whiskey

3) What’s your favorite mid-ride beer?

a. Sweaty Betty. What else would you expect?

4) On a scale of 1-10, how awesome are bikes? Why?

a. A 10 of course. Climbing atop a saddle can be a new experience every time.

5) If you could be anyone’s saddle, whose saddle would you be? Why?

          a. Petacchi – he’d assure me a rather handsome hard ride!

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12 Replies to “When You Faceplant, Get Up and Faceplant Again”

  1. Badass indeed. I watched her blast down that hill and lose it at the bottom. She got up Plastered in mud, looked a little dazed, and got back on it. Very cool.

  2. Okay, please inform Ms. Sandy that she’s adorable, etc. etc. what those other guys said. Rubber side down, brothers and sisters.

  3. I was there for this race too, Sandy is a hero! Her ability and determination to keep riding was an inspiration on multiple levels! Never give up, never give in

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  5. Big ole —> “THUMBS FUCK’N UP!”
    Never give the FK up!
    Inspiration for all!

    THANKS – Cheers Sandy!

  6. You’re a bunch of grouchy old bastards here, but this is one reason I love DC, anyway. Pure inspiration. Fuck yeahs all around!