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15 Replies to “We have all been there”

  1. Uh, yup. One should know that if one can hardly get on the bike in the lot, it is going to be a rough 20 miles ahead.

    Last time I did this I fell at low speed at a little over the 10 mile mark, then just lay there for a bit like this fellow did. Got back on and started hauling ass, caught a lane divider at mile 15 with the drops and…broken clavicle. The 11:00 pm sag wagon was none to pleased retrieving me. Dropped me at the ER and told me to get a cab home.

  2. One time me and my roommate were riding home from the bar and he realized he’d forgotten to close his front brake caliper after re-fitting the wheel, and he reached down to close it… yup, looked pretty much like that guy.

  3. Coupla tallboys of Steel Reserve. Half pint of Bourbon. Sketchy as all holy fuck on the trail; sidewalk the rest of the way home. Been there, done that, got pictures, t-shirt, souvenirs and whatever the fuck else comes with it. No scooters up my six though, so props to your boy.

  4. Mikey: Latest is things look very bad for the great Schumi – seems like the world has come full circle from 5/1/94…

  5. D2: Something tells me that large platform of yours has placed a good rider or two into the proverbial pain closet.

    Humility is one of the great powers a man can possess. Frees him to go well beyond his own limits and those placed on him by others…

  6. @Hack— Seen, brother. The universe doesn’t give a fuck. Live every day like it’s precious.

  7. last time i rode my bike drunk i thought it would be a good idea to ride it on the highway at 2 am!! held it together though hehahha

  8. This guy is an amateur. I’ve ridden my bike home from the bars and been so drunk I don’t remember ANY of the ride home. Trick is to push a tall gear and go fast as possible, you’ll be stable and you won’t be unsteady because your cadence will be slow.