Video dump

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Just a collection of random internet fodder that came through my inbox last week. Bikes, sky diving, science, and even some kick ass skateboarding.

FINALLY! An honest beer comercial. This one is dedicated to all the silly beer snobs out there. Because sometimes you are broke as shit and just want to get fucked up.

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Sky diving is pretty cool, I guess.

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This guy has no fun. At all.

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The guys at Epic Rides Nepal helped me out so much when I was over there. My experience would have been a lot different if I hadn’t met them. Here is a little testimonial video of one of their great trips.


Keep those wheels spinning

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Grant Taylor smokes all bowls.

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This is gnarly

This is wacky

This is CX Nationals

This is the new chain wax




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5 Replies to “Video dump”

  1. Are the gnarly and wacky links supposed to be the same? It’s more wacky than gnarly…