If my liver had hands…

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It would strangle me…

Being warned about my next two weeks- of course I didn’t listen.
2014-01-12 15.39.48
Yeti brings it and they bring it hard.
2014-01-13 18.55.32
Tucson, you’re so played out… Can’t wait to come back.
2014-01-13 19.49.19
The people in Arizona make the beer taste better- such good people.
Every damn day in Arizona started with riding and ended with this…
2014-01-07 21.52.12
Scandinavian Jesus lights up when there is beer.
2014-01-08 18.24.23
Even the bike shops in Arizona are prepared for drinking.
Whiskey and coke is a must when working on your King hub in Arizona.
Whiskey and coke is a must when working on your King hub in Arizona.
2014-01-11 14.16.11
Every climb I did seemed like there was beer at the top.
2014-01-11 18.08.30
I watched Scandinavian Jesus race drunk and win- thats a double win in my book.

I woke up this morning and this song came to mind.YouTube Preview Image

Thank you Arizona for the punishment- i’ll be back for more next month…

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10 Replies to “If my liver had hands…”

  1. Hank the third? I’d a picked someone with enough talent that he didn’t have to trade on Grandpa’s name. George Jones’ “If Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me” comes to mind. Or “White Lightnin”‘, one.

  2. Hank 1 passed his unused talent on to Hank III. Jr. obviously didn’t get any of it.

  3. I just don’t see it, Kidd. Hell, you can hit the honkey tonks most any night and catch pickers that have more-I don’t know, more MORE-than this putz will ever have. Jeeze, do you really think he wouldn’t be changing tires at WAL*MART if his granddaddy’s name wasn’t Joe Blow?

  4. hmmm…Phil would, maybe, but Chris did. 20 year old plus or so design on the freehub body still ahead of it’s time. I have a 15 year old one that has improved with age. Anyone been able to kill a King hub? anyone? Bueller?

  5. @ KilgoreTrout — I saw one killed. Killed the shit outta it. But not in the way you mean. I had a prick of a general manager. We had a customer who came in after having his hub serviced and needed the hub tightened a 1/4 turn. Prick boy told the customer that “we” forgot to put locktite in the hub. Mother fucking locktite. Prick boy boasted he would make sure we did it “right” this time. Came into the service area with his $500 jeans and manicure and yelled at us to do it “right”.

    So the service manager did, and what the fuck do you think happened?

    Yup, ended up buying the guy a new King hub and building a wheel around it. Prick boy wondered what happened to cause the other one to fail. Service manager ” You told me to locktite it. That caused it to seize.”

    Prick boy was never the same…..

  6. The only time I ever saw a King hub die was during the short time when they tried using aluminum on the spline ratchet (95-96ish??). That didn’t last long. They went back to stainless rather quickly. No problems in any of those.

    I am so unbelievably envious of all you fuckers riding right now. It’s 0°F again here in IN. Not enough snow to ski, but enough to make me have to shovel…

  7. I’ve been running my king rear hub since 2007, so far she’s a keeper. I overhauled it just a few months ago and running good as new.