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9 Replies to “Wow!”

  1. My cat would never do that. But I don’t mind. When I get back home from my ride he listens raptly to my recounting of its details while I sip good whiskey. I’ll settle for that.

    They do leave paw prints one one’s heart. (Lifts glass.)

  2. Mocha was an A- trail dog (too much barking and cause for a few flats). Now she won’t get in the van if the bike is in there. I tried to get her to watch that video, but she was more interested in the ball the kids had. I’d post a proud dog owner pic if I knew how.

  3. I’ve got a border collie that runs like that. The only problem is she wears herself out after about 6 miles of trail. Then she just sits down and doesn’t give a shit.