Oskar Blues Ten FIDY

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I’ve had this beer many, many times. It’s an awesome beer. Cans are the wave of the future. Bottles will disappear. Especially the bottles with corks and cages and wax on the top, that’s a bunch of bull crap. It just adds cost to the beer, serves no purpose.

Rant over, let’s talk about this beer.

when it's cold, drink ten fidy.

Look: Pitch black, like motor oil that you haven’t changed in 20 years. Dark as night. Poured a burnt brown head. Big and little bubbles floating to the top. Good looking beer. Lots of head, and who doesn’t like head?

Smell: Let it warm up a bit. Cocoa and chocolate. Caramel toffee and burnt malt. A little tobacco too. Smells delicious.

Taste: Intense. Awesome. Chocolate, caramel, cocoa, coffee, major roasted maltiness, bitter dark fruits, figs, dates and burnt raisins. Char. It’s all there. Let it warm up some more, the alcohol hits in the most delightful of ways. Creamy. Hops join the black chaos with a leafy, herbal, earthy contribution. 98 IBUs or something, but you’d never guess it. Perfect.

Pairing: Goes ridiculously well with a frigid fat bike ride. Drink it right out of the can and let it work its magic. Goodbye worries hello pleasuretown!

Overall: 10/10. One of my all time favorites. Stout lovers rejoice, this beer is the absolute tits. Cheers folks!

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6 Replies to “Oskar Blues Ten FIDY”

  1. deshutes pacific northwest pale ale

    Look: very nice copper/rust color
    Smell: i can’t smell for shit, let me check with wife, she says “perfume” whatever the f– that means, but given i just pounded coors light prior to meeting her i’ll take her word for it
    Feel: quite smooth even a touch creamy
    taste: quite good, combo of citrus, pine and touch of honey
    pairing: i am thinking a good tri tip or some type of grilled red meat
    overall: 9-10 great Arizona winter beer