Tailwhips, Amongst Other Rad Air-Tricks

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I don’t know much about BMX other than if I tried to do anything remotely close to sick, it’d be the anti-gnarbiffing all-over the place in a so un-dialed manner that I’d end up the reputed laughing stock of this here internets. I actually had to look up some BMX phrases because I know so little about this stuff. But don’t take my lack of knowledge as lack of interest or respect, because Keven Peraza can straight rip it; a Tucson kid that knows how to ball hard. Watch him here as he hucks himself into transers with sick amounts rhythm and flow..

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2 Replies to “Tailwhips, Amongst Other Rad Air-Tricks”

  1. Shame he’s not mastered riding with his feet actually ON the pedals….he rides pretty much 100% with both feet on the crank arms.Which technically makes his bike,a scooter. All win.