Have a Beat Ass Weekend

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There was this one time, way back in the day… When I mooched a ride off of some guys I barely knew, from Rochester, NY to a BMX contest in Cleaveland, OH. It was a shitty Northeast winter and we were hungry to ride anything we could and indoor skateparks were few and far between. The contest was being held at this mythical place called Chenga World. A place that everybody around me always talked about. This amazing skatepark with a, then unheard of, wooden rhythm section and giant vert walls. But my broke ass never had a car to make the four hour drive west. 

The contest was put on by a company named FBM and I was told it would be like nothing I had ever seen. They were right. It was the most positive and welcoming vibe I had yet to experience with anything bike related. That weekend left a permanent mark on my 19 year old brain. It was a whilwind of a 36 hour road trip. One that would end up setting the bar for all future trips to come.

I had seen the FBM crew around in my travels. Either at the trails or at a party or in some random city or town while riding street. But never really interacted with them too much until that day. Come to find out, we all came from similar blown out mill towns in the Northeast where we worked hard and partied even harder. Instantly I knew that these were my people.

I was 19 a long time ago but I’m still here and FBM is still at it. Still made in the USA and still spending every last dollar on cheap beer and road trips. The video below shows one of those road trips. It’s good. Watch it. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Backstory and photos HERE

After the past week of dealing with the sue happy vermin of the bicycle industrial complex, it is refreshing to see some good old fashioned “I don’t give a fuck”. 

Build a fire, jump off a roof, do some skids, be dumbass… and keep it dirty.

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5 Replies to “Have a Beat Ass Weekend”

  1. So glad I found you all! I had thought I was alone in knowing that the best cure for a daily hangover is a daily 50 miler!

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