Domenic Malvestuto Memorial Ride

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I want to let everyone know the Domenic Malvestuto Memorial Ride is set for next Sunday, October 6th.

This is a Memorial ride dedicated to Domenic Malvestuto, to celebrate everything he has done for cycling in Arizona, and the many people he has had a positive impact on along the way. This ride will start at Western Star Park in Ahwatukee, and we will ride for approximately 15-20 miles around the surrounding area. We will meet at Western Star Park at 6:45am, and the group will leave at 7am.

Facebook page here:


If the map link doesn’t work (yeah, it happens), hit up the Facebook link. Most of you Arizona baller cats already know where Western Star Park is. I remember going there just about every Sunday for the Weekend World Championship Ride Around The Mountain for a couple of years. Every town has a ride like that. This was ours.

I spent a few years of my life working for this man and his wife. By a “few years” I pretty much mean about ten. I missed the Domenic Malvestuto Memorial Ride in 2012 as my wife and I had already committed to taking the girls to Disneyland the same weekend. I feel stupid even typing that, but that’s what happened. Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Boom.

Big Jonny flying the colors.
Big Jonny flying the colors.

Yep. That was me last year right in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle . I carried that jersey in my backpack all day. You could say my mind was in two places. You could say that, and it would be an understatement.

This year I plan on flying the colors here in Arizona.

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5 Replies to “Domenic Malvestuto Memorial Ride”

  1. Excellent. I gotta wonder though, what the hell kinda bars is bib #792 running? I’d hate to get spooked going into a descending, decreasing-radius turn and instinctively lunge for the drops… Teeth, meet road. :)

  2. My brother raced for him BMX when he had the shop on Mill and Bway.

    Then I did my years at WSP.

    Unfortunately I will be at Angel Falls in Venezuela that day. But I will feel the ride.

  3. Those are called Bull Bars, they are old school aero. As for as going for the drops is concerned they are set to put you permanently at the same level as the drops in a set of drop bars, or maybe a touch lower.