In a days time…

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A few weeks back, Dirty and myself met in Moab and had one of those days of riding that had the perfect amount of riding and attitude adjustments to make for an exceptional day on a mountain bike. I’m not gonna bore you with the breakfast we had or the car time to the trailhead but I can start off with saying once the truck stopped a half mile from Burro trailhead, Dirty was pulling out his camping kit to make some Doma Coffee and using whiskey for creamer- that immediately set the tone for a hell yeah trail day.

only 1500 more feet and well be ripping trail
Only 1500 more feet and we’ll be ripping trail.

Once we got on the bikes and headed toward Burro Pass, we heard the sounds of thunder which meant we probably needed to hurry the hell up if we wanted to ride and survive the first part of the Whole Enchilada.

lets do this so-called over rated trail
The Whole Enchilada trail map.
Dirty looking at me and telling me to put the damn camera away.
Dirty looking at me and telling me to put the damn camera away.

Even though thunder and lightning was headed our way quickly, the climb up was amazing considering it was in the middle of August and we had mild temperatures with mountain flowers still in bloom.

I could hear dirty in a distance to hurry up and put the camera away due to the storm coming.
As I was taking flower photos, Dirty was reminding me to get on with the climb.
that cloud of Dirty is telling him to hurry the hell up.
That cloud over Dirty had a little bit of lightning packed in it.

The top of the Burro Pass was fun for about two minutes and then we started getting hit with a hail storm. I can remember Dirty saying something along the lines of, “we need to go now.” We descended down the first section of steep, hail covered, rooty trail, and ended up taking a break in an Aspen grove to digest the awesome section we just rode and the beers we just cracked.

This trail rides well with beer on your breath.
This trail rides well with beer on your breath.

After the Aspens, we hit the Hazard trail segment and that was probably one of the most fun sections of the ride for me due to how fast and flowy the terrain was. While we were stopped at the start of the Hazard trail, Dirty said something about people talking about the Whole Enchilada being a played out trail system. I had to chuckle and call bullshit on that since the fun factor was maxed out and the views were amazing. Dirty was on the same page as well, so our joke for the rest of the day was how played out everything was (If its epic, its played out).

Dirty getting his gopro ready for the Hazard trail.
Dirty getting his GoPro ready for the played out Hazard trail.

Getting into the upper Porcupine Rim trail, we had to stop riding due to the “played out” views there were and of course get rid of the beers that were in our bags.

 Using the phase "played out" on a trail that has views like this would be a kick in the nuts to the heart of mountain biking.
Using the phase “played out” on a trail that has views like this would be a kick in the nuts to the heart and soul of mountain biking.
one last break before riding the rest of the way into town.
One last break before riding the rest of the way into town.

By the time we got into the lower section of Porcupine Rim, we were starting to feel the accumulation of fun starting to wear on us from our over indulgence of drinking, riding and laughing; I think you could call it “Drunk Trail Love” (we weren’t really drunk though). Once we got to the pavement for our journey back into town, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction knowing the day wasn’t even done yet; we still had dinner/beers mapped out and time to drive to our next camping spot.

after dinner we drove to Fruita to camp.
After dinner, we drove to Fruita to camp.

After we got done eating, we made the drive over to Fruita (a little over an hour), and set up camp outside of town under the stars. I can remember pulling out the camping chair in the dark with a bottle of whiskey in my hand thinking, “I just had an awesome day.”

camp for riding.
The morning after Moab, started out with nothing but awesome.

The next morning after sleeping like a baby, I woke up to the sun barely coming over the mountains and hearing this sound of tires on gravel coming down a ridge line with a guy by himself hooting and hollering with trail bliss. That guy by himself sealed the deal for me, he was having the same fun Dirty and I had the day before.

Life does not suck.

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  2. Reporting about singletrack bliss in Moab and Fruita is played out. Well done boys. We’re doing a race down the whole enchilada this weekend. Booze and high octane riding go well together right?

  3. Well, if I didn’t already before I really want to go now!! Sounds like a kick ass time!