Spy photos from the Grand

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I’m sitting down here in Tempe, AZ while the inaugural Grand Junction Off Road is happening a 9 hour drive to the north. This doesn’t make me happy. The trails up there are nothing short of amazing and all my friends are there riding bikes and drinking their faces off. Oh well, I have my reasons for being home, so I will suck it up and just watch my facebook feed explode with fun. We have a couple spies on the ground feeding us pics from the scene and it goes a little something like this:

where else would you put that sticker?
Caveman isn’t the only one to fuck around with guns


DC wifebeater spotted at the start line

I always knew Grassroots Cycles was rad. Now I really know. They are drunkcyclist.

2013083095123445DSC_5986 DSC_5983…and I guess there are some bands playing

Looks like somebody isn’t having a very good day…

Keep an eye on our FACEBOOK page for more updates. Cupcake is tirelessly sifting through all of the emails and text messages trying to get y’all  the goods.


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