Video dump.

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It’s that time again. When all of my internetting finally pays off. It’s video dump time.

First up, let’s talk about how much Cupcake hates trees:

Then there is a little highlight video from our friends at 29nSngl. They threw such a kick ass party at SSUSA that I can’t wait to drink whiskey and break shit with them again. Go give their facebook page some love. They say some funny shit.

This video right here is a good one. My homeboy Joey rides a mountain bike real fast but also makes some great videos. Grab a glass of bourbon and take 10 minutes out of your day to enjoy this little gem. Road trips and friends. Amen.

This is a bike ad, but it would still be a pretty awesome day

Last but not least. This kid shreds, and gives me hope that the kids are alright:

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And well fuck it. I have had a couple beers and I think this album is tits:

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5 Replies to “Video dump.”

  1. I’ve been waiting on a video of the slingshot pit stop along the ride Saturday but alas only one pic has emerged….maybe too much fun was had to give a fuck about documenting, “wanna just hug it out, mang?”

  2. I mean seriously, red-green-&-gold toddler bike, tailwhip to 360 — 360 to tailwhip. Damned if that ain’t the most irie thing I’ve seen all day. Jah!