Cyclist Down – Amelie Le Moullac

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I’m a touch late on this one, but sad news came out of San Francisco last week.  Amelie Le Moullac was riding in the Folsom District of S.F. when she was struck by a truck, and died later at SF General Hospital.

The bicyclist killed in a collision with a truck in the South of Market neighborhood was identified Thursday as a 24-year-old San Francisco resident.

Amelie Le Moullac was riding east in the bike lane on Folsom Street just after 7 a.m. Wednesday when an eastbound truck making a right turn onto Sixth Street hit her, police said.

Le Moullac died at San Francisco General Hospital. The truck driver stayed at the scene and was not cited, said police spokeswoman Officer Tracy Turner.

Le Moullac worked as a client executive atVoce Communications, a public relations firm with offices in San Francisco and Sunnyvale, the company said. She graduated from theUniversity of Southern California in 2011 and from Menlo School in Atherton in 2007.

Voce said in a statement, “We miss you dearly. We will miss your smile, your humor, your wit and your friendship. You are irreplaceable and unforgettable.”

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News like this blows, is all too frequent, reminds us to always be aware of our surroundings, and encourages us to send out prayers and well wishes to Amelie’s family and friends.  In addition, it looks like some action is being taken to try and make the streets of San Francisco safer for cyclists.  The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is starting the “Safe SoMa Now!” movement, beginning with an email to the mayor about making the streets safer for cyclists.  From the looks of it you don’t need to be a SF resident to send in an email, so please take five minutes out of your day to add something about yourself to the top of the (mostly) pre-written email provided on the website, and hopefully something positive can come from all these tragedies.

One paragraph about yourself—who you are, where you ride, why you want to see safer SOMA streets.)

I support the SF Bicycle Coalition’s calls for a Safe SOMA now! Please Fix Folsom Street by adding the long overdue separated bikeways so that bike riders like me, and thousands of others who use this route, have separation from the fast-moving trucks. I also ask you to require safety training for large truck operators on how to safely navigate the streets with people biking and walking, and mandate adding convex mirrors to trucks so that drivers can see people more easily.

The safety of San Francisco’s residents depends on you. Please act now and help ensure that no other lives are lost.
[Your Name]


Keep the rubber side down out there.

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6 Replies to “Cyclist Down – Amelie Le Moullac”

  1. This is tragic. And the fact that the driver was not given a citation is not right. If the victim had been a pedestrian, things would have been different.

  2. Hell, if the victim would have been a God damned parked CAR things would have been different.

  3. Folks, let’s not rush to judgment. There is so little information presented in this article that it is impossible to assign blame to anyone.

  4. B3, that’s simply appalling. It’s bad enough that Barney Fife couldn’t find his own ass if he used both hands; he should at least make the effort out of respect to those that he allegedly “protects and serves”.

    And ol’ Barn deliberately parking his prowl car in the bike lane-Citizen’s arrest and a beatdown if he resists.

    Darned if I could link it, but the Spike Bike stories might be a damned good blueprint. Just sayin’.

  5. Driver found at fault, SFPD wearing egg on face, Chief had to apologize for one of his idiots.