The road to SSUSA

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Well it’s that time of year again. It’s Single Speed USA time! The tribe of goofy and rowdy singlespeeders will be invading the normally peaceful river town of Winona, MN. The mission: ride bikes, drink beers, and get rowdy.

I am driving up from AZ and Caveman is on his way from Spokane. We are meeting up in Moab for a couple days of shredding the LaSals. We will then join forces and push on towards MN. We have a scheduled stop in Denver to see the rest of the DC crew, but other than that, our schedule is wide open.

road trip

Caveman and I plan to shred every bit of roadside dirt we can between Denver and Winona, let us know what we should hit. Does Nebraska have any singletrack? When we get to Minnesota we will be meeting up with the rest of the crew and then the real party will begin. The cast of characters is really quite “special”


Myself – “I really hope I wake up with a better tattoo than I did after SSAZ.”


Cupcake – “We are going to kick the asshole out of this thing and drink a lot of scotch. I hope the women love frosting on their boobs.”


Caveman – “Did you really think I would forget my shotgun?”


Asian Bob -“OK, the only rule is that there is no swimming in the river after dark…unless you have a life vest on. You could end up in New Orleans.”


Scandinavian Jesus – “It’s weird, but whenever I buckle my cycling shoes, it sounds exactly like opening a can of beer.”

That is a solid foundation for a rowdy time. Throw in a couple dozen more friends (new and old) and I’m sure we will have plenty of entertaining photos and video for y’all when it’s all over.

The road is calling…I’m out!

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

13 Replies to “The road to SSUSA”

  1. Sad to be missing the festivities this year, last year was awesome in Stowe. I haven’t been back to Winona since the NORBA national in like 98?
    I do have to give props to the original drunk cyclist in my life, Bill the Communist who got me into cycling 25 years ago, lead several DC crews on RAGBRAI and resides in Winona on a commune. I can’t make that shit up!!
    Make us proud Dirty & crew!!

  2. So like does Winona have enough Fireball for this weekend or should I bring some just in case…..

  3. Not really a comment-on-blogs-kinda-guy but I notice that Asian bob has a red white and blue four bike rack in the middle of his living room, with what appears to be 4 road bikes to offset his animal pelt themed couch. That is, of course, completely bitchin, and a model for all of us…

  4. This is the least “out of the way” the Maah Daah Hey Trail in western North Dakota is likely to be for some time. Rumor has it that Cjell$ (aka Cjell Money, Cjell Mon?, TZ) is throwing down at the epic Maah Daah Hey 100 on #SSUSA2013 race day. The trail will never be in better shape than post race (pin flags, freshly mown grasslands, 150+ riders smoothing out the cow and horse hoof prints and August dry — BRILLIANT!).

  5. Don’t leave Minnesota without riding Cayuna Country — or even consider a “long-cut” via Duluth & the North Shore. As long as you are “in the neighborhood.” The Surly Brewing Tap Room in the Twin Cities (among countless others — Schell’s in New Ulm is totally enroute, BTW) is a must-imbibe, too. Good luck — keep the rubber side down!