So you wanna be a baller?

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One of the smartest dudes I know, goes by Bruce, tells me on the regular to go fast and take chances, so I try and live by those words every time I ride. However, different things mean different things to different people. So “Cupcake fast” might look something like this, while “baller fast” probably looks something like this:

YouTube Preview Image

And some much better angles: YouTube Preview Image

And some much better commentary: YouTube Preview Image

So yeah, if you missed that, Michal Maroši in the lead goes huge then goes down, jumps back on, gets all Johnny’s bananas on the pedals, and makes the other dudes look like total chumps going in hot and high on the berm FTW. I guess that’s how straight ballers ball. Go in hot and get up high, yep. About time to go work on that now…

Happy fucking Monday! 

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I don’t have a beer gut, I’ve developed a liquid grain storage facility.

9 Replies to “So you wanna be a baller?”

  1. Baller as fuck!

    Wonder what the guy in blue & yellow thought when he dropped in over his shoulder?

  2. You don’t want to see big jonny fast. You just don’t.

    But, seriously, kid crushed it in that vid. Took the high line with some serious heat and took the win. Good on ya!

  3. Sick bastard. After the run he should have gone back and rattlecanned that line onto the wall. Just to remind all who follow what they’re not.