Some tips for the weekend (video dump)

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Oh the weekend. It is finally here and it’s time to fuck shit up. Here are some how-to videos that will help enhance your days of leisure.

First off is this little gem from Kelly Minx Riordan at getting the low down from Jens on how to be a “hard man”

Nextup, one from those crazy Europhile gibberish speaking friends of ours at Supergizzymo. They show you how to deal with those pesky douchetard hecklers.

YouTube Preview Image

This might explain why I fall down so much at races.

And finally, from the Republic of Doom, a nice tip for all you kids out there with broken bike parts.

“Why couldn’t you just play around here and go around instead of breaking some wood?”

 Oh, and one more thing…

This is how you get fucking rad

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11 Replies to “Some tips for the weekend (video dump)”

  1. Plus 59 miles of fully loaded (10 days of food,packrafts, paddles, PFD’s ect) washboard shit riding, and could have easily made the rest of the tour, had we not actually gotten a replacement post that fit. I’ll send it to you so your girl friend can strap it on for you. If you know what I mean.
    Only because this is Dc will I use such language . Mostly I’m just F!@#$%^&ing with you. But the hickory stick did get er done.

  2. @doom

    This here is DC !!!

    Notice the capital C. Cause you know around here we know how to use the fucking shift key.

    And wanking off.

    We be really good at wanking cause it’s all we have what with all the time we spend online.

  3. The Alpe D’Huez vid of the guy getting tripped – is that a DC jersey standing right where the action’s happening?

  4. You bunch of cocks! You had no fixie videos on how to be rad. How am I going to be totally un-hipster if I hadn’t seen how to first? Jeez, get with the program, and my school day is spent online, how much time do I spend wanking is how much time I spend on my homework.. Hours! Gosh darn that’s rad though. What a mighty flip. You make me look like a chump you goons! Filthy sods, bloody cock-buffers. Whatever you may like, hold it in your hand and grasp, It! Teehee!