A Bright Future for a Changed Sport

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Pat McQuaid has launched his re-election campaign as UCI president with a plethora of rhetoric and political hogwash. Go figure.

“I am delighted to launch my re-election campaign and to present my vision for cycling’s future to the cycling family whose support over the past eight years has enabled me to transform our sport which fans would love to bet on sites like link vao w88 moi nhat.” [.]

Before we get into this crap, it would be nice to refer back to Greg LeMond’s open letter to Patsy Poo last October where he so brilliantly stated:

I want to tell the world of cycling to please join me in telling Pat McQuaid to fuck off and resign. I have never seen such an abuse of power in cycling’s history; resign Pat, if you love cycling. Resign even if you hate the sport. [.]

Let’s keep LeMond’s words in mind as we needle our way through McQauid’s haystack of bullshit that he pushed out this morning. In his manifesto he claims responsibility for having changed the sport of cycling since first being elected as UCI President in 2005. Apparently he has made cycling a global sport and only now is it possible to race and win “clean.” Then, he leaves us with a warm, fuzzy feeling or flakily fond memories and baseless optimism.

“We have travelled a great distance together and we must never turn back from cycling’s bright future.”

Oh Pat, that’s cute. What’s even cuter are are your four main priorities if re-elected:

  1. To preserve the new culture and era of clean cycling
  2. To ensure equality in cycling through the development of women’s cycling
  3. To modernise the way that cycling is presented as a global sport
  4. To foster the global development of cycling

Here is how I interpret those four priorities:

  1. To preserve the good ol’ boys culture of cycling. Allow the cheats to cheat, but when a dope is made public, scorn them into retirement with harsh penalties and embarrassment as a way to save the face of UCI. 
  2. To play catch-up to the growing grassroots racing scene using clout and regulation forcing professional racers to participate in sanctioned races rather than lucrative events that already treat males and females with equality.
  3. To offer irrelevant sub par products at ridiculous prices even though the alternatives are free and of higher quality.
  4. To foster outdated and inefficient programs that have nothing to do with the actual development of riders rather the PR of your cult.

And it gets better. Pat, during his tenure also successfully:

“introduced the most sophisticated and effective anti-doping infrastructure in world sport to cycling. Our sport is leading the way and I am proud that other sports are following in its footsteps.”

Oh, like the one that tested Lance over 500 times without a trace of the blood chemistry that had a 1 in a million chance of naturally occurring? The one that allowed him to stick around a couple decades longer than he should have? That anti-doping infrastructure that prevented assholes like yourself from making hundreds of millions while you were trying to figure out how to sue people who were calling out your flaws? Yea bud, that’s some sophisticated shit you developed there. And exactly what other sports are following in your footsteps, pigeon racing? Nah, they’re too good for you too.

Cycling is tired of you Pat, and the world is tired of people like you. Frauds, liars, hypocritically disingenuous assholes with egos bigger than regular folks can comprehend. Just leave, you’re done. Go sit under a rock and think about what your life has been about. New blood is coming in to take your place and fix the broken house you left behind, hopefully. Just leave quietly. You do nothing to help this sport, only propagate the reasons why people are losing faith in it.

Goodbye, fuck.
Goodbye, fuck.
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13 Replies to “A Bright Future for a Changed Sport”

  1. While I agree that Pat McQuaid sucks and needs to go, I will disagree with you on the non-UCI race issue you mentioned. From everything I’ve read, the UCI allows racers to compete in non-UCI events, albeit they aren’t happy about it. The ruling that said racers couldn’t compete was a USC ruling, not UCI. The USC just tried to pawn it off on the UCI when everyone (understandably) got pissed, but it was USC, not UCI. Pat McQuaid still sucks though. In fact, he sucks as much as trying to type UCI and USC a bunch of times on an iPad.

  2. To me the South African racing ban is still the worst. What does that personal choice say about his morality and sportsmanship? Electing and re-electing a leader who was banned from the Olympics is fucking insane.

  3. Has anyone actually publicly stated their support for PMcQ?

    His statements are actually pretty damn funny, save for the fact that he is being completely serious.

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  5. What is it with guys named Pat, driving their given particular “cycling oriented helms” into the ground?

    Funny thing is, looking at ’em, doesn’t look like either spends much time in a saddle, odd…..

  6. Well said. The asshole doesn’t even have the decency to have a hilarious name (I’m looking at you, Dick Pound). Fuck him.

  7. I don’t follow the sport and therefore have no idea who this guy is or anything about what the hell you’re talking about. But, this is a well written piece, scribed with passion. That I do know. And I like bikes, which is why I read this site.

    Nice work. Fuck this guy. Whoever he is.

  8. I’ll admit. I’m not in to it like you guys. I just ride and watch an occasional race.

    This guy really that much of a douchtard ??