Coming in hot, shaped like fun…

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xc helmet gets goggle upgrade
xc helmet gets goggle upgrade for the downs

This season for riding trail has been full throttle since I have put my legs around an enduro bike. It has taken a bit of time to get used to the longer wheel base and the slacker head tube angle but I came to this honest conclusion, it was my lame ass that wasn’t making it ride like I imagined. I just realized that if you wanna ride an enduro you better want to freaking pedal like mad! And I am speaking of on the up’s and the down’s. Your midset needs to be on “I don’t give a shit” mode and pinned. If you ride with the mindset of cuddling and working in the garden, that isn’t gonna cut it- that’s triathlete thinking. A couple shots of whiskey might be a good opener and maybe even a couple cold pbr’s to wash it down with.

Things to lookout for when on one- rock gardens and trees; when you see those make sure to go faster, the bike seems to function better. I am gonna have to say the dropper seat post is probably the most noticeable thing on my bike- its probably the biggest game changer for a bike since suspension and disc brakes. The ability to have the seat height of a xc bike during the climbs and the flat sections but then to drop the post to have the ride of a DH bike is absolutely mind blowing. This current era of trail riding is kinda like a dream come true. It very cool seeing the younger generations tapping into the enduro scene- guys that were strictly DH are realizing they can get a lighter and more versatile ride for the same price as a shuttle up the mountain bike.

This also means Caveman has more people to go play in the woods with. Riding with some of these younger guys keeps you on your toes and it teaches ya that if you blink when fallowing them, there is a pretty good chance your gonna be getting tossed down the trail like a rag doll. I’ve been learning a ton on mine (how to ride better and crash better); been riding with some new rad people and that has translated into getting the fun factor in the high 10’s for this season. I’d advise if you want a life changer, get an enduro and pedal like mad. One last thing to leave ya with, the beers have been tasting extra good after rides lately- good indicator something is improving.

after ride beers and fires are in season currently
after ride beers and fires are in season currently with a extremely good after taste. 


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7 Replies to “Coming in hot, shaped like fun…”

  1. Sounds like you might be almost ready for another trip north. Thursday nights, Penticton. See ya at the shop at closing. Bring some cheap beer and your B game.

  2. Great post cavey but ya gotta be careful. I had a few brews in front of a fire once. It took 20+ firemen to put that shit out.

  3. Dropper posts are standard here in Grand Junction, Colorado, where much if what we ride is technical. We are near Fruita and 1.5 hours from Moab. My friend Josh said it best: “Seatpost droppers are a luxury until you have one; then they become a necessity.” Any technical riding is greatly improved with one. I run a Command Post Blacklight, and a lot of my homeboys on Transitions love their KS droppers. Looking forward to seeing some DC riders during the Grand Junction Offroad.

  4. I’m still not entirely clear on what enduro is, but I think it’s hilarious that VeloNews completely shut down article commenting the other day after getting called out for posting a screed about how you shouldn’t need enduro specific gear right next to a reach around for Mavic’s new enduro wheels. One of their “writers” took the bait and admitted that the right and left hands aren’t too familiar over there.