You won’t like these videos.

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I found all of these videos yesterday while trying to look busy at work. They don’t have anything to do with mountain biking or road riding but that doesn’t matter much to me. I think they are pretty fucking rad.

These kids give me hope for  the future.

I love a great bad idea and this video is chock full of them

Nothing new and four wheels instead of two. But it sure does get me psyched to get up and do shit.

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Just once, I would like to go on a road trip with FBM.

Paintings, photographs, words, or memories. Whatever it may be, get outside and make something.

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…and this just because

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21 Replies to “You won’t like these videos.”

  1. Nice….check out a bike website and watch a hardcore video. Woah 2 worlds collided. Well done, great song.

    Virgil….H2O, Madball, AF, Skarhead yeaaaa buddy

    Bonus question….name some cameos?

  2. Another good song that fits in so many places, but gotta keep that PMA. I’ve been goin to shows in Boston for 20+ years. It has influenced me as much as I influenced it. Got into mountain biking a few years ago and found it a great way to escape some of the bs. I see a lot of similarities between both scenes. Need more diehards and less tryhards. I’ve got a solid group of hc guys I ride with so if you ever want to hit Boston for a show and some trails let me know

  3. Mickey, I believe some of the cameos are Tim Armstrong from Rancid, Skinhead Rob, the Lead singer of Hatebreed, Efrem from Death by Stereo, and I can’t remember the other guys name who is ex-hardcore gone rapper?

  4. Hardcore? I’m 62 years mean nasty and tired. I was hardcore when the best part of those little bitches was running down their mamas’ asscrack and making a brown stain on the mattress. I’ll piss on their graves.

  5. 62 years and hardcore ?? Not until I bang your whore of a wife and sell yer kids in to slavery in the Mid East..

    I finally sobered up watched those vids. Good job db

  6. Damn. That hairfarmer can bring it, I’ll give him that.

    But flipping off and cursing out a driver who apparantly honked after said hairfarmer jumps his bike off the roof and into a divided sixlane is just stupid.

    I dropped outta Vo-Tec and even I understand that.