Someone crop dusted Sun Valley with acid

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News alert! The whole town of Sun Valley is high this whole summer on some of the most dank acid this planet has ever witnessed. Here’s the proof. All I can say is, I hope you all don’t get lost up in those there hills and where the hell are your bikes?

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17 Replies to “Someone crop dusted Sun Valley with acid”

  1. What a steaming pile of shit. Thank you for stealing 3:41 of my life that I will never get back. Here is a hint: actually have some singletrack in a video about singletrack. That was the longest Scott ad ever

  2. I was fairly fuckin sure that DrunkCyclist was one of the last bastions of safety in the face of increasingly pervasive hipster culture. I guess I was wrong. On top of this video being a piece of shit, which I only lost about 2 minutes of my life to, instead of the full 3:41, it manages to blend almost everything I don’t like:

    self-decadent, vain narration
    women who obviously don’t ride



  3. I found this video to be historically accurate. It made me think of Guy on a Buffalo, and tears welled up in my eyes. I got 39 miles today, some woman told me she wanted legs like mine. These are the good old days. Rubber side down, brothers and sisters of the Buffalohood.

  4. OK. This vid has douchetard written all over it but ultimately cavey hit the mark. Ride what makes you happy. Bicycle. Skateboard. Horses. The 40-something Ford truck my neighbor has. Science. Painting. Whatever.

    It’s all about the ride brothers.

  5. Lighten up. I’m sure you’ve wasted more time writing your shitty ass comment about the video.
    piG NeWtONs!!!!!

  6. Amazing that when a tourism video comes out that creativley breaks away from the traditional equation of the smiling blond wife, the handsome, greying at the temples husband and two perfect kids all decked out in fresh outta the wrapper ‘functional outerwear’ people who presumably come to this site for an occasional bit of wit get all bent outta shape.

    go comment on Drudge Report articles if you got that much piss and vinegar to dispose of.


  7. I simply love it when Caveman pisses in bowls of cheerios….

    ‘Cause DC is all about being serious as fuck and shit.

    I can’t believe they call it Drunkcyclist you know how bad that makes us all look?

  8. Caveman hit the mark. We made this incredibly fecund pile of steaming video especially the DC crew because why wouldn’t you? Of course we could have made yet another video with a bunch of singletrack trail riding and a lot of glory shots of guys who think they are ripping with their sleeves cut off drinking beer in cut off dickies on single speed mountain bikes with fat tires with shots of girls in bikinis looking over their shoulders while sipping on glasses of cougar juice and a limerick at the bottom and something about getting drunk and having a penchant for midget men. But instead this happened. Should you have really hated it and we gave you another reason to hate on something today you are welcome and we are going to do it two more times!
    And their is a lot of acid still floating around in the air so who knows what you will see when you come here.

  9. Mr. Chopper’s world view would seem to be especially keen. And historically accurate.

  10. Fucking brilliant video! But if you want to attract anyone under the age of 45, lose the spandex and fingerless gloves! I rode Mach Valley USA for the first time last year, the place was supernaturally epic and had off the charts-high-speed-single track for Infinity And Beyond!

  11. Chopper, I like the cut of your jib sir. Fucking internet trolls did not get the point of that video. I shall enter the contest, so that way it is only me and Stevil going for it and when I get done wrecking on your sweet sweet singletrack I will post videos and pictures of it so that the internet trolls can hate on the fact that they were too short sighted to see the chance to go ride awesome, get some sweet free swag and drink beer with people who care more about the ride than the website not being “Serious as fuck”.

  12. yeah, I don’t think the small ponies handle as well as the big Clydesdale type, you know, one’s that can go all night and make that bladder infection totally worth it. hhhmmm

  13. Since everybody is getting all serious….chopper, I do believe THERE is a lot of acid still floating around. Unless they have it, then their acid is still floating around.
    Hell, I’m from Kentucky and no that.