Video round up

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The first day back to work after the holiday weekend sucks pretty hard. Here are a few videos to make it a little better.


-This video is so rad it deserves its own post. But I don’t have time for that shit…


-You wanna get lost in Peru?

YouTube Preview Image


-I was just chatting with a friend about mountain bike destinations and I remembered this video from a few months back. It seems like a ride I should probably do. Minus the Specialized ad.

YouTube Preview Image


-Attractive women doing awesome stuff


-A nice little video about the Whiskey Off Road with lots of great shots of the course from above


-Tim Knoll raises the bar on dork tricks

YouTube Preview Image


-This guy rules


-Project Roam is back with a little video from the the awesomeness that is PBR trail in Fruita

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7 Replies to “Video round up”

  1. Tim Knoll is the man !!!! That vid was fucking awesome.

    And….those chicks had names ????

  2. That first video choked me up a bit. Man do I wish I had the money, the time, or the gear to do something like that.