None of us are worthy.

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That’s the message I woke up to this morning from Bikepunk. Along with this clip from yesterday’s stage 20:

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It was quite a spectacle, this year’s Giro was. It has been somewhat of a crapshoot but will surly go down in the history books of hard men. Nutty weather, shitty bikes, crashes, questionable fashionsickness, washed up goons, and amended routes were the norm, which made for great entertainment from my couch bike and a three week long pissed off lady friend.

“Why do you just sit there and watch TV all morning?” “You are wasting so much time!” I’d reply, “Easy kitty cat, Cav is taking #100 today” or “They are riding in snow to Galibier and Tre Cime di Lavaredo on road bikes. When have you ever seen something so insane?” or “Relax, grab a home brew.” Yea, she didn’t like that.

No matter what I said, in return I’d get that cold, blank, dead stare which meant two things: one, I would be on house cleaning duty and two, she’ll be going out drinking with girls and most likely talk shit about me, and then I’d have to wash the rug upon her return. Yea, life is great what can I say?

Anyways, Nibali showed some serious strength, finesse, responsiveness and balls, big brass balls. Not to mention he was pee. are. ohh. PRO all tour long. Dude is calm, cool, and collected, and just goes to work. Killed it, and for that, he is a straight baller.

Rideing to victory in snowy conditions up Tre Cime di Lavaredo cementing his hold on the maglia rosa.
Riding to victory in snowy conditions up Tre Cime di Lavaredo cementing his hold on the maglia rosa.

Yea, kiss the gold pimp dog.



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7 Replies to “None of us are worthy.”

  1. When Nibali wins climbs, TTs, and finishes with a big margin, all I can think of–and I hope I’m wrong–is that he’s juiced. Even with other contenders going down with illness, if everyone’s clean, this kind of thing will be rare.

  2. i dunno doc dude — he didn’t dominate as would be expected if he was full sauced. he was conservative conservative look at the tape and read the reports. doesnt sound really all that bad.

  3. No time to follow the whole thing, but thanks to you, I now have all the extra ammo I need, next time I hear someone talking about how awesome electronic shifting is….

    Hampsten didn’t seem to have any issues with his drivetrain BITD!

  4. House cleaning and wash the rug ???

    Amateur. When I pissed off my ex she would make me clean like a mofo AND not fuck me for a month.

    Still not sure if she was teaching me a lesson or just didn’t like fucking me.

    She is my ex after all.

    Great vid by the way.

  5. Cleaning the “rug” don’t sound so bad to me if you catch my drift.