The Drunkcyclist Shotgun Challenge

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A while back, we got some static because Caveman took out his aggression on some nutrition with a shotgun. Now, I like blowing stuff up as much as the next red-blooded ‘Merican. But there is another kind of shotgun I prefer a little more. The one that involves drinking cheap beer quickly. My friend just sent me the video below and it got me thinking. I have shotgunned beers at finish lines, start lines, city streets, and gravel roads. But what other places can we get this done involving a bike?

That video has nothing to do with bikes, but everything to do with awesome.

I present a challenge. Video yourself or others shotgunning a beer in a creative way (on, under, or near a bike) and email me the link. We will narrow it down to the top five and then let all of you vote on them. The prize will be some schwag from our sponsors plus eternal Drunkcyclist fame. We will accept entries for a couple weeks.

GO!shotgun*more here

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5 Replies to “The Drunkcyclist Shotgun Challenge”

  1. Ma’am, would it make you feel any better if you knew that what we’re asking Matt here to do is a holy thing?

  2. Remember that one time? When we were whitewater canoeing down the Skagit River? And we stopped on a sand bar to shotgun some beers? Then got back in the canoe and promptly stuffed it under a snag? That was awesome.

  3. Here is a shot of a few of us SHOTGUNNING BEERS after the relay race at the Diamond Derby

    it is not that dramatic
    but this is

    Diamond Derby… a double sided bicycle event… a social ride to watch bike races in a parking garage and the races in the parking garage
    I am in charge of the kids’ race… then I race!

    Diamond Derby on the Gwadzilla Page