There is only one Big Tex

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There is only one Big Tex and his name ain’t Lance

You may remember Big Tex from his riveting interview with Snake or his retirement after Leadville. But He decided to come out of retirement one last time for the Whiskey Off Road.

I was out on a ride in the forest while everyone was racing and when I stopped to take in one of the many ridiculous views, I realized my phone was blowing up. Everybody and their brother was texting or calling me to tell me that a guy wearing a drunkcyclist jersey just won the single speed race. Then this picture came through:

Big Tex. Like a boss.


Chatting with him in the beer garden after the race, I shook his hand and thanked him for representing DC. His reply:

“I haven’t raced in a really long time, but what other jersey would I race in?”

He makes a good point. With his 1st place in the single speed category and his 5th overall (at 3:35 for 50 miles), we sure are glad he is on our side.

Well done, hombre.

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9 Replies to “There is only one Big Tex”

  1. Representing the old dirty bikers! Big Tex earned that name and is the fastest two wheeler I know…..when he keeps it rubber side down!!

  2. …and he could pour that Fireball into his podium-issued flask to christen it properly!

  3. Reading about Big Tex winning ANOTHER event just gave me a flashback to finding the DC site back in 2004 when it was just Big Jonny writing it. Chuck the adult adverts back on the right hand side and it’s retro Wednesday!