Kennett Peterson. Straight Baller.

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You may have seen this photo floating around the interwebz as of late:

Time Trial Freestyle
Time Trial Freestyle

There’s a story behind it, and I heard it this morning when I went to work. First off, this is not photoshopped. Second, if you could see this man’s face, you’d realize it’s the same guy featured on Drunkcyclist a few weeks ago. I’ll let you guess which one he is.

So the story, from the horse’s mouth, goes like this:

At Sea Otter last week, Kennett (the flying time trialer) was getting ribbed by some mountain bikers. They were making fun of him for being a roadie, and they were calling him Lancie Pants…you know, implying that he was a bitch. A lady. A nancy.

Not one to back down from a stupid decision…err…challenge, Kennett climbed up to the top of the ramp… and launched it. That in itself is pretty badass, but it’s made even more badass by a few facts:

1) He did the jump multiple times, all on his time trial bike

2) He won the climber’s jersey earlier that day

3) He has agreed to appear on the next DC podcast

Kennett Peterson is a straight baller. Recognize.

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14 Replies to “Kennett Peterson. Straight Baller.”

  1. That is definitely bad-ass. That said, the shit-talking about one cyclist being a roadie, and another a mountain biker should just cease. Who cares. We’re ALL cyclists who love to f*cking pedal bikes for f*cks sake. Sure, some roadies are snotty bastards, just like there are asshole mountain bikers but certainly not all of them are jerks. Pedal on.

  2. Please, please, please let it be the guy making the face in the class photo.

  3. That my friends is our lovable Kennett Peterson. Nurtured in OBRA we set him loose upon the world. KP is like Mikey in the old life cereal commercials- he’ll try anything. Goofy and a good guy. Real heart o’ gold. Three thumbs up man!

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  5. @ Herp: I read your comment and just started laughing out loud….enjoyed that tidbit of humor for some stupid reason. Cheers