View from the moto

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When I found out that my good friend Scott was going to be the lead moto for the pro men’s field at last year’s Whiskey Off Road, I had to get some cameras on him. So we slapped a couple Contour cameras on his helmet and rear fender and sent him out there.

I had met up with Scott just as he turned off his bike at the finish line and the first thing he said to me was:

“Every time I turned around he was right there! That dude was flying!”

The “he” being Geoff Kabush, last year’s winner.  So let me get this straight, the guy on the bicycle was going almost as fast on the singletrack as the guy on the motorcycle? Yep. Here is the last 12 miles of the course squished down into about 5 minutes.

And yes, I have had this footage for a year and just got around to uploading it now

**It should be noted that motorcycles are not normally allowed on these trails. It’s a safety measure taken for the participants, spectators and other trail users in the area during unique circumstance. The moto riders are highly skilled and ride with caution and responsibly at all times so as to not impact the trail.

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10 Replies to “View from the moto”

  1. ” Yeah I met you. We met at Old Pueblo. I was fucking your ass and you were all like…..” — Fatbikejoe. Man that lube guy was embarrassed!

    Still bummed the weather wouldn’t co operate for a full on moto trip down to see the happenings. Such a great event, fuck USACycling…

  2. Scott Evers is great! Wonder if he is still kickin’ it at South Mountain Cycles(?)

  3. Still trying to figure out how the hell a guy finishes the whiskey 50 in 2:54 w/o a motorized vehicle

  4. I spoke to Scott at finish also and he said that the pros descended a lot faster than the moto could, so he really had to get ahead on the climbs.

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  6. See we aren’t all bad, except the jack holes riding littlebear and sunset a few weeks ago.

    Signed, a bike > moto guy at 42 years old.