A Whale of a Trail

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The Amasa Back area in Moab, UT is stunningly beautiful but has always been a little lacking in the singletrack department. That is, until now. “Captain Ahab” is the name of this new playground and it looks awesome (and so much better than the band).

This video really shows the serious amount of work that goes into making a kick-ass trail. You should probably buy a trail builder a beer whenever you have the opportunity.

Anybody want to go to Moab next weekend?

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8 Replies to “A Whale of a Trail”

  1. I could be convinced too if I wasn’t a confirmed New Jersey boy. We don’t go anywhere west of PA. And we hate even going that far.

  2. would love to, leaving Maine for Sedona tomorrow. maybe sidetrip to Flagstaff, what’s the pick there?

  3. wonder if that takes you down to where the pipeline hike-a-bike does… or back to the start of Amasa Back