2013 Denver BikeCrawl

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Here we go boys and girls, D2 and self have spent several minutes brainstorming and planning the first www.drunkcyclist.com Denver BikeCrawl.  The date is Saturday April 6, 2013, with everything kicking off around 5 pm at the Denver Bicycle Cafe.  A list of breweries and bars to visit will exist, but will only serve as a “potential road map to adventure.”  The rules are simple, please don’t show up if you plan to be a drunken dick.  Bring a lock, some lights, and a helmet is encouraged.  See you Saturday.

The Drunken Dick - you don't want to be this guy
The Drunken Dick – you don’t want to be this guy
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About 40 Hands

A fan of riding bikes with one gear, malt liquor, riding without knowing how many miles I’ve covered, and strip clubs that let you bring your own keg. I typically have a stupid grin on my face, it is because deep down I know that no matter what, my mom thinks I’m cool. Denver, Colorado, USA

13 Replies to “2013 Denver BikeCrawl”

  1. Dude, I’ve been suggesting this one for a while…s’about time y’all – I’m preparing my liver as we speak….let me know about itinerary as there are many options & I’ve given this very subject much thought…albeit drunken thought. I’d try to coerce Dirty into attendence though I don’t beleive he can legally enter (I said “enter”) Colorado…anyway, as always I ready myself for the DC cause, let me know what can do…I’ll host beers on Tennyson & rope in our neighborhood retailers….

  2. Rub the whiskey out of your eyes and get there Dirty. Today is the third Saturday is the Crawl.

  3. Some people forget Dirty actually WORKS for the man. A very big man, entrenched in corporate muck. As a friend of his in the Denver, I will grant him one pass for short notice. But I am also sure 40 and D2 won’t allow this to be the only crawl….after one pass he buys.

  4. This will be the first of many, I can assure you of that. Saddle up, kiddies. It’s gonna be a fun summer here in Denver.

  5. “buffalo doesn’t care..he’s got his own problems”….fucking hilarious.

  6. Hey 40 – good meeting you on the creek trail today! Lets get one of these bad boys planned again soon so I can make it this time. Double the strip clubs?