Peter Sagan Denies Groping

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Peter-Sagan_GI_2524093bThe anticipated denial by Peter Sagan regarding allegations of groping a podium girl at the conclusion of yesterday’s Tour of Flanders is finally here. This late breaking report brought to you exclusively by MTBR’s Kurt,The Angry Singlespeeder:

A day after finishing second to Tour of Flanders winner, Fabian Cancellara, Cannondale team rider Peter Sagan openly denied allegations that he groped the backside of a podium girl during the awards presentation ceremony.

“I have never groped in my life,” said a deadpan Sagan. “I have done hundreds of races in my career, and never once have I ever groped. Ever. And anyone who accuses me of groping is a liar.”

When shown a photograph of him clearly grabbing the backside of a tall, slender blonde podium girl, Sagan became visibly irritated and pushed away the photograph.

“Let me say it again. I did not grope.”

The Slovakian superstar Sagan began his colorful career as a mountain biker, winning the UCI Junior World Title in 2008. Since bursting on the road racing scene in 2010 by winning the grueling Tour of California Big Bear stage, Sagan has wowed fans the world over with his exceptional sprinting, creative victory salutes, superior bike handling skills and his enviable handling skills of the female persuasion.

When he’s not busy pulling no-handed wheelies across finish lines, the blue-eyed, baby-faced Sagan can be found with both hands entertaining the ladies, taking every opportunity to sign autographs. In a YouTube video from the 2012 Tour de France, Sagan was caught putting his John Hancock on one lucky woman’s breast; an action Sagan also denied.YouTube Preview Image“I never touched her,” replied Sagan when asked about the John Hancock incident. “Not with my hands anyway, and definitely not with my cock. Well, maybe with my cock, but in no way was I ever groping.”

Cyclists the world over have idolized Sagan for his explosive sprinting power, devastating uphill accelerations and his unique victory salutes including Run Forrest, Run! and the Incredible Hulk. This latest groping allegation puts Sagan in a very awkward position, risking his popularity with both men who wear spandex two sizes too tight and women who haven’t had a date in years.

If this controversial groping allegation proves true, it could mean possible fines from the UCI for misconduct and an endless number of high fives and lifelong respect from male fans. Some are even calling for the end of having podium girls, a tradition that many feel is sexist. When asked his opinion on the topic after the awards ceremony, Sagan stopped whispering in the ear of the podium girl he allegedly groped and vehemently disagreed.

“Having podium girls is not sexist, it’s sexy. There’s a fine line. Kind of like when you accuse me of groping. What I did was not groping. Fondling? Perhaps. Caressing? Definitely. ”

Sagan reached into his jersey pocket and pulled out a piece of paper with a phone number written in lipstick.

“But if I was groping like some horny Italian teenager, do you think I would have gotten her number?”

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30 Replies to “Peter Sagan Denies Groping”

  1. I think he was simply grabbing the fruit of victory….second place victory at least. Maybe second place was better than first in this case, by the looks of her.

  2. OK, what Sagan did was beyond the pale and was wrong. That said:

    1. Are the same people who are bitching also bitching about having podium girls in the first place? Isn’t this, fundamentally, the same ‘objectification’ issue?

    2. This site started with a huge porn element. You know what they say about people in glass houses…


  3. Burt,
    While I think the podium girls are an anachronism and need to go, they are different issues. The podium girls (or the waitress at Hooters, or the stripper…) has made the choice that they will accept oggling and flirting as part of their job. For most of them, I’d bet it did not involve accepting unwanted or uninvited groping. Even porn stars are in control of the situation they are filmed in. They get to choose who they are working with, and who they won’t work with. Just because someone gets naked, or near naked, or is just sexy does not make it o.k. to invade their personal space. Ever. Under. Any. Circumstances. If you are invited, then that’s different.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go watch some porn with my girlfriend…

  4. 1. YouTube: Come on, Son! With Ed Lover (Yes, that Ed Lover – if you don’t know who this is, your ability to use the phrase “keep it real” or any facsimile if urban slang has hereby been revoked)

    2. Watch an episode. Get some context.

    3. Direct a “Come on, son.” at anyone who thinks this isn’t 100% awesome. Cycling could use some characters right now. Come on, son!

  5. @mikey…walk in the park for those lads. did you see Rossi a few more pics in…same-same…the guys’ a fucking magician….glad he’s back on Yamaha to finish out his career with another World Championship.


  6. Douchetard? This guy did what every mother fucker with warm blood flowing through their veins always wanted to do – this guy is a rockstar. Peter Sagan keeps it real and keeps it interesting – not the fake, holier-than-thou riders that the douchetard’s at UCI want you to think they are. While you guys are jerking off wishing you could could grope these women – Sagan is doing it.

    I’m going to jerk off my peter to Sagan…

  7. My pregnant wife thinks its hilarious. +1 for me and the Sagan. Relax douchetards.

  8. @mike— for sure, we all love Vale. We were at the Corkscrew during last year’s event and Rossi lost it on the way in and got off. After the race, Nicky Hayden stopped and gave him a ride back to the paddock. Crowd went nuts.

    He’s gonna have to ride around lil Dani Pedrosa if he wants the championship, though… won’t be easy.

    See you at the US MotoGP in July! We’ll be there all three days.

  9. Sagan is the only roadie (pro or amateur) I’ve ever seen smile. Didn’t think it was possible.

  10. Peter is a great guy to watch. He looks like he’s having fun on the bike all the time. While some would be down for not finishing first he’s there having fun. Don’t agree with the ass grab, but I think people are making way bigger than what it is. I just plan to turn on the TV and cheer Peter on all the races that he participates.

    Run, Peter, Run…

  11. @mikey

    I am now officially afraid to click on any link you post.

    Just saying…

  12. @mikey Gotta thank you for the 1st video ’cause there were no crashes. Just lots of getting too hard on the gas too soon messing up the suspension followed by miraculous saves. Then you linked Casey Stoner’s high side face plant. 1 out of 2 aint bad. High sides suck.

  13. Sagan ROCKS and brings entertainment into cycling again!
    Looking forward to seeing him at future races!