2013 Ronde van Vlaanderen

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Fabian Cancellara takes the 2013 edition of the Ronde van Vlaanderen in his signature style. Stomping the competition on the Paterburg climb and soloing to victory.

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But I have a feeling I know who the real winner was.

Peter Sagan going for gold.

It is only a matter of time before this kid is busted for blowing a line of meth off the labia of a Romanian hooker..and I can’t wait.

It is already being called unacceptable


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19 Replies to “2013 Ronde van Vlaanderen”

  1. It is unacceptable. I hope there’s a follow up picture of him with a hand sized slap mark across his face. There’s a big difference between getting caught oggling, and grabbing the ass of someone you don’t know. The podium girls are an anachronism that should probably be ended, but they are paid to be there. If you do that to a waitress in anything but the skeeziest of bars or even a strip club, you would be out on your ass faster than you can blink. Inarguably, the kid has a ton of talent, and has the prospect of a very successful career ahead of him, but has so far shown little of the class that makes the greats, great. What would Taylor Phinney do? Not that, and I think Connie would kick his ass if that he ever did..

  2. On a lighter note, Rule #1 for the spring classics: You do not let Cancellara get a gap.

    It sucks that Boonen went down and will now miss Paris Roubaix…

  3. c-lo, I’ll bet your wife/girlfriend/sister/daughter is really glad to know how you feel about her place in the world…

  4. And judging from his fat face it doesn’t look like the kid is passing on the belgian beer or waffles either. The peloton better hope he doesn’t ever get really get his shit 100% squared away

  5. Another post by Mr. Unacceptable from the guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/bike-blog/2013/feb/06/lance-armstrong-banned-strava

    That makes him not just a twat, but a dumb one. As he spews forth his concern that the world will end because a college aged kid grabbed some ass, and fights for the justice of banning Armstrong from Strava because Mr. Unacceptable is worried there will be a swath of destruction as all the Strava users commit suicide or resort to doping because they lost KOMs to Yella Jersey isn’t so much a dumb twat. He’s an adorably misinformed and unexperienced observer of the world, like a little kid in a cradle looking out on the real world.

  6. Fantastic to see Fabs turn it around 100% from last year. I think there were some cobbles on fire after his last trip up the Paterburg. Shame that he and Tommeke are taking turns riding this one.

    Sagan is a baller and can do what he wants.

  7. Mr. Jefe has a real point here. Mr. Sagan’s yuks— during the podium celebration of one of the biggest cycling events in the world— makes the sport look like punk-ass hipsters wearing their sisters’ underpants.

    What other sport would allow this? This bush-league move perfectly explains why cyclists get pissed on without a trial for doping, while cross-eyed monsters in the NFL bring 60K people to their feet and pull down $5M a season. Ugh.

  8. Football players just do worse shit behind closed doors; us young cyclists enjoy being more open and sincere. What you see is what you get.

    Except for when it isn’t, but that’s the case with everything.

  9. Sagan’s face is fat because he’s a fucking doper. Tick tick tick…

    And although I am a cyclist who came from the drug warzones of Compton and Watt’s, fuck you c-lo. Taylor Phinney has to be a straight laced suburban white pussy because you don’t get that fast without it.

  10. All for Peter Sagan getting slapped, and spanked. He’s a wild man, love seeing him race, do stupid things, get caught, get shit, get on the bike and win another race, and start it all over again. Cheers to PS. and to the slap he deserved.

  11. Pretty great race today. Fabio won again with the same old formula – no need to fix it cuz apparently it aint broken.

    Vos was amazing! Did you see her attack? Oh wait, nobody did because it wasn’t shown and as usual it is barely covered (I’m not pointing fingers at Drunk Cyclist here, just making a point in general).

    What Sagan did on the podium was straight up chump. You don’t do that type of aggressively sexist shit, it’s just not good form and not how you treat people. It’s a chump move – it’s not to be glorified or respected in the least.

  12. So…a lot of unhappiness from the gallery who regular read this site which one could say glorifies sexism on a regular basis, no? I mean, how many scantily clad women on bikes have we seen in the past year? Have y’all been pissing about all of those too?

    Not arguing in Sagan’s defense either, it is a pretty sophomoric move. Sexist? Maybe…or maybe just being a smartass, I certainly don’t truly know any better than the rest of ya. If that was my daughter receiving the grab I probably wouldn’t be too happy but I can’t say this move is the true window into the man’s soul…time will tell. A solid slap certainly would not have been without good cause, and certainly would have made for even juicier news, but I suspect this fallout will have a bigger impact, deservedly so. Not that either will really hurt him much I suppose. C-dale going to fine him 50 francs? Maybe issue a “heartfelt apology…”?

    As for other sports, there is plenty of sexism and inequality to go round, seen similar objectifying behavior in lots of other sports…sadly it is inherent in our society.

  13. Almost pissed my pants when I saw that photo. Love that guy! Also love seeing Fab stomp his ass and, Ciolek jumping him at the line in San Remo! The kid absolutely fucking hates standing on the second step. So much so, that he would do anything to try and upstage the winner at that moment. I hope he keeps doing stupid shit like this and one hand wheelies at the finish line and some trash talking. I can’t remember a more interesting start to the classics season. Reminds me what an absolute bore wiggo and the grand tours are with the skinny little climbing pussies.
    Must be because I am sexist and I often objectify women…

  14. I find this quite shocking and really disappointing……..

    It’s time for a few DC readers to man up and grow a dick.